Creative Expressions’ Link with Mental Health

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

In some form or another, art has always been a part of human life. The connection between art and life gets even stronger when you broaden its definition to encompass everything from advertisements to Broadway plays. 


Art in the 21st Century is taking an evolved approach to how it is perceived by everyone. This is explored through the fields of Art Psychology and Creative Expression.


Creativity & Mental Health have been linked for a long time. The transformative and often life-changing effects of conventionally literary, auditory and visual experiences are widely known and accepted. In fact, these would account for the majority of Art around us!


As one of the Best Wellness Retreats in India, Dharana believes Creative Expression for Mental Health to be an effective tool to improve Cognitive Function, Self-Esteem and Resilience. This also helps counter any somatic symptoms that have arisen as a result of repressed Stress and Anxieties.  Here are some techniques that we practise at our Wellness Retreat that link Art with Wellness.



Prominent Psychoanalyst, Janet Sayers mentioned in her Research Paper ‘Healing Aesthetics’ that, “The visual arts are healing in giving outward shape and form to what can otherwise be disquietingly shapeless and formless in our inner psyche or spirit.”


What this simply means is that our internal thoughts and feelings tend to materialize in the form of physical shapes and objects, if given the opportunity. As a Wellness Retreat in India, the Dharana Wellness Centre explores this approach to Creative Expression with Clay Therapy


The soft and malleable nature of the clay makes it a natural counterpoint to most of life’s hectic and often on-the-go pace. The clay process takes time and patience, but the result is well worth the wait. Engaging in Clay Therapy helps to slow down and be in the moment.



Psychologists Jonathan Mosko and Madilynn Delach, in their research study ‘Cooking, Creativity and Wellbeing’ linked engaging in cooking with positive psychological benefits.


They outlined that people engaging in cooking as a creative outlet rated high in self-acceptance and positive social relationships. Cooking tends to be a very personal experience and provides great autonomy, so much so that no two dishes are exactly the same. 


At the Dharana Wellness Retreat, we introduce this as a creative outlet in the Cooking School. Under the guidance of our chef, we teach recipes and dishes that carry our focus on nutrition.



  • Painting

Painting is a classic form of creative expression. A simple brush has allowed for the creation of artworks beyond imagination. At our Wellness Centre, we emphasize exploring Painting not only as a form of projection of any Stress, Anxiety and Worry, but also to develop Fine Motor Skills and Muscle Control.


No matter what you paint or how it turns out, this is a medium that showcases the link between Creativity & Mental Health prominently.


As a holistic Wellness Retreat, we look at well-being as a multifaceted aspect, something that is linked to various factors. True Wellness is always a mix of Conventional and Unconventional approaches alike. 

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