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Detox diets for weight loss

A fast paced, stress filled life can take a toll on your health in a number of ways. It often manifests in bloating, unruly exhaustion, loss of efficiency and proceeds to hamper your bodily functions at an elemental level. One of the most immediate effect of stress can be an unhealthy amount of weight gain. This weight tends to stick around due to lack of exercise and it is furthered by the poor diet choices. Often times an accumulation of body fluids or just trapped air can result in bloating which may seem like weight gain. The accumulation of such fluids can prove rather harmful as it raises the acidity quotient in the body. There may also be cases where some people tend to retain weight despite skipping junk food. With an added pressure to look good at all times (through different channels of social media) people tend to follow the dangerous route of crash diets that promise unrealistic results in a short time. These prove detrimental for the body and serve long term health risks. This presents us with a universal search for a diet that really works without harming your being.

A natural method to lose weight is the healthier and preferable option. A process that will flush out al the toxins and reset our entire digestive system. A detox diet that will aid weight loss seems to be the answer. However, does a method like this actually exists? An approach that delivers weight loss, flushes out toxins and also lays a foundation for healthy lifestyle? Fortunately, Ayurveda has the answers to all of these. A refined and healthy way of weight loss can be managed on an  Ayurveda Panchakarma retreat The most successful and healthy take on weight loss is managed by the Dharana at Shillim. The Dharana philosophy is spearheaded by the experts and the leading specialists in Naturopathy and Ayurveda. It is advisable to begin your weight loss journey after a general checkup. This is just to rule out any medical condition that may be causing a weight gain. At Dharana, a customized plan is decided based on your body tendencies and has a high success rate.

Cleanse, Detox Your Body
Before commencing a Detox Diet, a Panchakarma is advisable as it thoroughly cleanses your body. It removes all the residing toxins in your body which prevent smooth functioning of your body. The toxins are generally body fluids which remain behind due to stress and inactivity.

Eat Right
Once your gut is clean, it is time to intake food that will only do you good. This includes eating food that is fresh, clean and free of added chemicals. A diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat and high fiber is the ideal.

Avoid processed food
Less cooking time and amazing taste is the reason junk food is so popular. However, once on a detox diet, one must forgo junk food in all forms. This includes processed food, refined sugar, foods containing MSG and hydrogenated fatty food. This must be followed stringently followed as this food tends to raise the toxicity in your body.

Exercise right
A sudden diet change can be quite challenging on the body. A strict exercise regimen is not required at this stage. A simple set of exercise that can increase the blood flow and thereby help you lose the fat and also feel refreshed is preferred. A light Yoga or simple cardio is also sufficient in the beginning. You can change this regimen based on your own capacity.

Weight loss is never good when it happens abruptly like in the case of crash diets. The natural method of weight loss using detox diets will help you shed the pounds whilst putting your body on the healthier route. You will begin to see the change 15 days, if you continue down the path, you will begin to notice a complete overhaul of your body, for good.  Dharana at Shillim is a key place for a weight loss retreat in India.

Treat your body as a temple to gain the proverbial blessings and begin your health journey only at the Dharana at Shillim.

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