Dinacharya for a Kapha Body Type

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People predominantly with Kapha dosha body type are inactive, unenergetic, crammed and unmotivated in life when aggravated. Kapha individuals have a bigger body frame with round faces generally. Their skin is smooth, oily and lustrous, thus they also sweat alot. They tend to put on weight quickly and can maintain their body temperature quite easily. They are known to have preference for dry and warm climates, thus their bodies don’t suit the cold and rough temperature. They are peaceful, calm and slow in nature while they lean towards prioritizing other people’s needs first.  Thus, a kapha pacifying Dinacharya; daily routine aids in balancing these attributes as they automate some of the most important self-care practices. 


According to Ayurveda, people with Kapha dominant dosha require several hours of commitment with the help of consistent daily routine for chores, sleeping, exercising, eating, thereby allowing proper time management and experiencing spontaneity in life.


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Morning Kapha Routine


A morning Kapha routine is primarily focussed on early morning hours. It is recommended to wake up with the sunrise and have breakfast before 10 am. Early mornings offer a peaceful and serene environment for one to prioritize themselves for self immersive activities such as meditation, yoga, exercising etc. According to Ayurveda incorporating a healthy lifestyle of waking up early every day can change one’s life.

Thus, Ayurveda recommends waking up between 3 am to 6 am. However, this does not apply to pregnant women, elderly people, sick and disease ridden with overall sensitive health conditions. 


After waking up make sure to follow the process of elimination through excretion for proper cleansing and purification of the body from the previous day. Followed by tongue scraping and brushing teeth to get rid of toxins that develop in your mouth overnight to maintain proper oral hygiene, allowing stimulation and cleansing of the digestive tract. Drinking a glass of warm water every morning once you wake up cleanses and hydrates the tissues while activating the bowel movement.


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Since Kapha body types have a tendency towards constipation, thus drinking warm water is considered as an effective relieving measure. To sustain a calm and composed mind, meditation and prayer can help everyday for 10 to 15 minutes at least. Cleansing, purification and stimulation of the respiratory system benefits from meditation and breathing exercises in the longer run if practiced every day. 


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Ayurveda recommends workouts of different intensities and types for people dominated by different doshas such as yoga asanas, meditation and breathing exercises. Pacifying Vata is highly beneficial with early morning exercises  in order to channelise positivity, conscious thinking to stay balanced yet energized for the entire day. However, it can be difficult for Vata dominant people as they will have to push themselves harder to stay resilient, focussed and energized for physical activities of any kind. Oil massages of varied kinds can help in stimulating blood circulation for staying lively and energetic.

Organic sunflower oil and olive is recommended for daily body massages. 


For Kapha dominating people, cleansing and purification of nasal passage is also vital which can be achieved everyday with the help of Pranayam. Bathing followed by exercising and meditation is important everyday as it stimulates positive emotions and conscious wellness. After bathing, indulge in an organic healthy breakfast to fully fill the Kapha imbalance. 


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Mid-day Kapha Routine


Although all relevant tasks should be done in the morning for Kapha individuals, there are quite a few things that follow in the mid day for a balanced daily routine. Establishing a consistent routine to eating meals is one of them for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients, enabling optimal bodily functioning. According to Ayurveda, lunch is the most important meal of the day. After lunch, prefer taking a small walk for a couple of minutes and rest for a short while.


Evening Kapha Routine


For Kapha individuals evening routine has a crucial role to play, as much as a morning routine. If not properly followed it can disbalance the entire body clock as planned. A kapha pacifying routine reinforces feelings of self worth and positivity, it also caters to holistic balance of body, mind and soul. Primarily focus on hygiene and detoxification and before going to bed brush and floss your teeth. Sleep at a designated time every day to avoid any chances of disturbing your routine.

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