Dinacharya for Pitta Body Type

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People with Pitta dominant dosha are passionate, intellectual, happy and conscience driven by nature. However, excess of it in one’s body results in personality traits such as  bad temperament, intolerance, aggression and stubbornness. These kind of personality traits are a major cause of chronic health issues such as heart problems, skin issues, high blood pressure and even indigestion which further results in a lot many health problems in the longer run. 


Thus, it is vital to create and follow a Pitta pacifying daily routine that can turn down internal heat for a balanced state of body, mind and spirit. This enables clear thinking, nutritional wellness and an active healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda dictates that a proper Pitta pacifying Dinacharya;daily routine can refix your biological clock as per your bodily requirements for a calm, happy and peaceful state of being. It is difficult initially to adapt to a daily routine, however, it gets easier gradually due to its healing and supportive nature benefitting your body for a longer and a healthier state of being.


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Morning Routine


It is critically recommended for Pitta body type to wake up before the sunrise to develop an optimal sleep schedule to evade any chances of sleep deprivation. After waking up, prefer drinking one whole glass of warm water for cleansing and purification of the body. Exercise or Meditate for 10 minutes or more, followed by a light workout or yoga is recommended to set a healthy start for the day. The process of elimination or excretion of waste is primarily important to keep your Pitta dosha balanced throughout the day. Ayurvedic herbs such as Triphala i.e laxative in nature, purifying the entire colon and intestine areas, smoothens the elimination process for a healthier start of the day.


Soak up under the sun for 10 to 15 minutes before taking a bath for essential Vitamin D absorption. Thereafter, take a cool shower using natural fragrance oils such as sunflower, lavender etc. Eat a healthy and organic breakfast consisting of seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts and milk. Avoid exerting and aggravating your Pitta between morning to noon by getting stressed. During times of stress, anxiety, irritation, dilemma and sorrow, try deep breathing and drink lots of water.


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Mid-day Routine


In a Pitta pacifying daily routine, mid day has the most crucial role to play as that is when digestive fire is the strongest. Lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day consisting of nutritional and dietary fibres from all seasonal fruits, legumes, salads, lentils and vegetables. Eat slowly and avoid indulging in talking, watching television or reading. While having lunch, the entire focus should be on eating and nothing other than that for proper assimilation of nutrients in the body. Sit erectly for 5 minutes and take a small walk for 10 to 15 minutes after having your lunch for the food to settle down. After that drink a glass of water as it will soothe and calm your body. 


Consider taking a walk outside in the park or in your lawn, as strolling in and around nature has Pitta pacifying attributes due to its elemental colors- blue, green and brown. After winding up your day’s chores, consider meditating for 10 to 15 minutes to avoid chances of stress and anxiety.


Evening Routine 


After a long and hard day of work, the evening routine should be light, healing and soothing. Prefer eating soups and salads which is a lighter form of dinner over anything that is oily, heavy and spicy to avoid aggravating your Pitta dosha. Sit quietly for 5 mins for your food to settle. Take a slow leisure walk as mentioned earlier for proper digestion and assimilation. Avoid heavy exercising, weight lifting or any kind of physical strenuous activity after sunset, rather prefer reading inspirational books. Take a relaxing warm bath and add rejuvenating aromatic oils for a soothing bath time before going to bed. For individuals with Pitta dosha it is recommended to sleep before 10 pm.


For further pacifying your Pitta dosha, prefer self oil massage or Abhyanga to enrich and heal your body, mind and nerves, thus, relieving your body of any dryness and irritation. As per Ayurveda, skin is said to be the primary seat of Pitta dosha and hence it is considered vital to keep it healthy and glowing. For a smooth and soft skin one must cleanse, moisturize and scrub regularly followed by massage oils such as rose, lavender etc to enable a proper blood circulation, detoxification of skin and stimulation of nervous system.


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