Evolving Wellness : Looking Towards the Next Step

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

The Oxford Dictionary defines Wellness as “a state of being healthy, especially when you try to achieve it”. However, this definition is quite inadequate and does not cover the entire scope of ‘Wellness’, nor what the term has evolved to mean. 


Various new industries and new applications now lay claim to ‘Wellness’, adding new layers to what it means. This expansion has stretched the term to indicate diverse concepts, almost on a continuum. A Wellness Retreat may form a self-identity based on a completely different meaning compared to a Wellness Spa. ‘Wellness’ now is being used as a cliché, a mere representation of the current culture and trends. In such a scenario, what can be considered ‘Wellness’?


Wellness can be seen as the next level of ‘health’, however, the two are often interchanged and used incorrectly. While health is the absence of disease, Wellness is much more than that. Unfortunately, the wide appeal and usage of the term as a buzzword have resulted in a one-dimensional focus on Temporary Relief and Easy Remedies. A universal definition is lacking. To truly appreciate and understand what Wellness stands for, it is important to link why the term is so frequently misjudged.


Modern medicine has come a long way from its roots of considering illness transcendent. Today, the very nature of a disease is completely understood, down to every possible causal factor. Before the second half of the 20th Century, medicine could focus simply on reactions, not something more. The advent of modern innovations and a significant increase in quality of life has allowed for the pursuit of a state higher than health, thus in the rise of concepts like a Wellness Retreat, Endurance Retreat, Ayurveda Panchakarma Retreat, and more.


A true contemporary definition was best put forth by Dr Anna Kirkland, Professor at the University of Michigan, in her paper, ‘Where is Wellness Now?’ – 

“Wellness is prevention, but not the curing or treatment of any acute condition or specific health event. It is not associated with the design of complex actuarial schemes to shift population-level human behaviour, such as in a new form of insurance design. It is the ongoing prevention of chronic diseases, ageing, and disability at the site of an individual’s body and is conducted in a self-aware manner by that individual starting well in advance of any particular medical problem.”


Dharana at Shillim believes medicine must be preventive, it should focus not only on recovery but also on building strength. As such, every aspect of our Wellness Retreat is developed in a way that nurtures a more resilient mind and body. By combining Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Gene Studies, Dharana’s philosophy of Preventive Medicine allows us to accurately assess your current level of Wellness and determine how to improve it. This unique approach allows us to be one of the best Rejuvenation Centres in India. 

Wellness is an integral aspect of how we should be evolving ourselves and preparing for a new year and new beginnings. With 2023 around the corner, select from the many nuanced and specific wellness programmes offered at our Holistic Healing Retreat. Step into the Dharana Way of Life, click this to reserve a stay today.