Wellness Above 0: Rising beyond Reactions

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

In 1998, at the height of Psychological Research and Development, the first foundations of the concept that would come to be known as ‘Positive Psychology’ were built. Supported by American Psychologist Martin Seligman, it arose as a criticism against the belief that Psychological assistance is purely to cure an illness or fix a problem. 

Positive Psychology and its central tenet, ‘Life Above Zero’ establish that an individual’s health and happiness is a much deeper, broader and more nuanced prospect than the simple absence of unhappiness and disease. 

In 2022, this concept has evolved within prominent Healing Retreats in India as something that develops a more proactive approach to Wellness.

In many ways, such a philosophy can be linked to the idiom – ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ This simple and very common sentence truly is the gist of how an individual should look at their mental, physical and spiritual well-being. 

Curing is a lengthy process. Symptoms and feelings of something ‘not being quite right’ emerge only after an ailment has taken hold. After that, the ailment must still be investigated and understood within the context. After all of this, a diagnosis can be established, the prognosis is informed and treatment is suggested. 

It is essential to note that this lengthy, stressful and time-consuming process can completely be avoided if the individual rises above simply reacting to an illness and being proactive towards wellness.

Dharana at Shillim, one of the best Wellness Centers In India, actively engages its guests in the Preventative Medicine approach. Arising from a similar philosophy, the process here is to focus on natural ways of preventing illness and curbing chronic conditions. It is identifying the gap between the individual’s real, current self and their ideal self. This identification allows for the gap to be shortened and a new mindset to be built. 


As a Holistic Retreat near Mumbai, the experts at Dharana have developed Wellness Programs and Regimens that imbibe the ‘Life Above Zero’ philosophy – 

The Dharana Endurance Retreat sticks close to its namesake. With a deeper focus on the physical body, this Wellness Retreat utilises a Physiotherapy-based approach to building a healthier being. 

This program employs the very best of cardiac exercises, not only emphasising performance but also learning the right posture and method, allowing one to continue practice no matter where they are.

The Dharana Endurance Retreat’s benefits can be experienced in a minimum of 5 nights, but a 14-night stay is recommended for an even more immersive approach.

This Weight Loss Retreat serves to counter and criticise unhealthy apprehensions about weight loss. Instead of a harsh purge recommended by modern culture, this Weight Management Program recommends and builds habits that can truly be maintained throughout life.

Ayurveda plays a pivotal role in bringing about change. It rejects sudden lifestyle changes, instead looking at simple yet effective ways to eliminate Ama, or ‘Toxins’ from the gut and body as a whole.

While the lifestyle recommendations can be learned within 7 nights, a comprehensive 28-night Holistic Healing Retreat helps bring these lifestyle and diet changes to fruition.

Resilience is the all-encompassing term for a Preventative Mindset. It is the individual’s toughness and immunity against ailments and other risks. 

The Dharana Resilience Wellness Retreat thus balances focus on the mind and body, seeking to manage both internal and external responses to all that life demands from one.

With a recommended stay of 7 nights, the Resilience Retreat delivers the very best of Dharana at Shillim and the ‘Life Above Zero’ philosophy.

Rising above a purely reactionary mindset is key in terms of wellness and life as a whole. It is when an individual is proactive about their life, decisions and choices that the body, mind and spirit see growth.