Nature Consciousness in the 21st Century

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

Sustainable Messages

Initially treated as a hoax, the problem of climate change is at the forefront due to activism by scientists and environmentalists alike. In 2022, the efforts regarding climate change are unrelenting and strong. Yet, a question arises – “Why hasn’t the world seen an immediate shift towards complete eco-friendliness?” 

Simple – The individual factor has not been considered.

The message of sustainability, while prominent from every direction, often ends up reaching an individual who simply cannot bring themself to care about something grander than themself. A common misconception is labelling such an individual as ‘self-centred’ and moving on. However, what is actually happening is much more nuanced – it is not the individual who is at fault.

If at the receiving end of the sustainability message is a fatigued person, tired of daily life with no connection with nature, it is no surprise that the common self-dialogue follows the lines of – “Is it even possible for me to make a difference, would my action even matter?”


Why is this Happening?

Philosophical concepts and approaches make up an important aspect of the Dharana Holistic Healing Retreat. We connect the self-centred thought process with the Vedic Philosophical concept of Ahamkara, also known as Ahankar or simply, Ego. According to this philosophy, the mind’s energy, which is usually left untapped and open to self-serving goals, must be aligned with a tangible external presence or concept greater than one’s own self. It is only then that one’s Ego can be brought under control and channelled towards positive action. The sustainability experts at the Dharana Eco Wellness Retreat believe this to be a probable solution to the problem of inaction.

To restore meaning and purpose to life, Dharana Wellness Retreat helps you rebuild the lost connection with Nature and Community, an interconnected and interdependent ecosystem, where everything exists for the benefit of the whole. 


The Natural Presence


In classic experiments of Social Psychology, it was found that exposure to natural beauty has a calming effect, reducing tendencies of aggression and opening the mind up to being more prosocial. This mental functioning is in line with the Ahamkara philosophy, where a simple connection with something much larger than life is able to build a feeling of conscientiousness and positivity. 


The Dharana Holistic Healing Retreat calls Shillim its home. This valley allows for an immersion into scenic beauty exclusive to the Sahyadris, with high-ranging yet easy-to-scale peaks allowing a view of majestic water bodies and lush, ever-growing forests alike.


Community Aspects


The Dharana Wellness Retreat serves not only to protect the Shillim Valley but also to uplift the surrounding villages. These villages, a network of tightly knit communities, are interconnected with the retreat from the very beginning. 


In an effort to bring Ahamkara under control, visiting these havens of simple living is pivotal. In this community, everyone exists and strives for the benefit of everyone. The burdens and stresses of urban life are a distant concept to a village focused on living off the land

Immersing the self in nature and a community full of individuals who have already captured their Ahamkara is a pivotal step toward Nature Consciousness. For a modern human to care and go beyond the usual every day, they need to know there is indeed something worth caring for. Something that is worth protecting.