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Set Intentions, Not Resolutions – Begin Your Wellness Journey!

Nature of Resolutions

Setting a resolution is the most universal and widely accepted tradition surrounding the New Year. A new beginning and hope for the future as a whole encourage many to set a resolution, a new health goal or, maybe a personal life goal. 


Resolutions are made by everyone but maintained by a few. A paradox presents itself – Resolutions are made with good intentions and with the goal of self-improvement. Then, why do they disappear so quickly?


One can be quick to forget that in a real-world scenario, many factors play an influence, thus affecting an individual’s ability to keep up with the resolution. Time constraints often play a part, or the resolution may have been too ambitious. According to the experts at Dharana Wellness Retreat, the most common reason is plain and simple, and due to no fault of the individual – Procrastination.


Nature of Procrastination

A psychological phenomenon, procrastination is very much part of the human experience. It is putting off tasks, which mostly come with a significant long-term benefit in favour of a short-term gain. Procrastination is prevalent in everyday life and every setting. Resolutions, thus, are highly susceptible to procrastination. 


This is not a problem generated by the urban world. Ancient Greek philosophers, Socrates and Aristotle termed such behaviour – ‘Akrasia’, meaning, acting against your better judgement.


Why does this occur? Why do the most benevolent of resolutions, from daily runs to healthy eating, not followed through? 

A great explanation is offered by James Clear, author of Atomic Habits – “We tend to care too much about our present selves and not enough about our future selves. We like to enjoy immediate benefits in the present, especially if the costs of our choices don’t become apparent until far in the future.”


Intentions instead of Resolutions

Procrastination tends to increase in magnitude the longer one procrastinates. To be effective, you need simply to begin the activity, block a portion of time and ensure you don’t abandon it halfway through.


Breaking down the activity into smaller segments instead of big over-ambitious goals is also a wise strategy. This increases motivation and further encourages maintaining the habit. 


Consistency is the single most important factor. The experts at Dharana Wellness Retreat have designed 28-night Wellness Programmes with this as a tenet. This ensures that actions become automatic, and transition into a habit. The following programmes are suggested – 


  1. Healing Holiday

A truly Holistic Healing Retreat is a stellar way to begin 2023. The experts at Dharana assess your current health and the best way forward toward Wellness.


  1. Dharana Yogic Life

Deep dive into the true meaning of Yoga Philosophy. The comprehensive programme builds Yogic Habits, from healthy eating to healthy living as a whole.

This 2023, we invite you to the best Wellness Retreat in India to set Intentions, not Resolutions. In addition to being a great way to start a new year, these Wellness Programmes also help you to step into the Dharana Way of Life. Reserve a stay today by clicking this link.