Preventive Medicine: Future-Focused Approach to Wellbeing

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

Modern Medicine and Health Technologies have come a long way, and key discoveries and innovations have improved Quality of Life significantly. Life-saving measures exist for what would be considered impossible to cure just a few years ago. There are still many questions to be answered, but modern medicine has the capability to handle most challenges, or it is reactive, mainly in response to complications. It is the process of achieving not only health but holistic wellness as well. 


What if you could avoid the intricate surgeries, pharmacy pills or dependency on a machine completely?


Preventive Medicine is avoiding the onset of disease, and illness entirely by inculcating healthy actions and habits. It can also take the form of an in-depth analysis to understand current risks and tailor health plans to curb the onset. Currently, Wellness Retreat Centres in India are considering this philosophy more seriously as traditional healthcare costs rise.


As a real-world example, preventive approaches have been known to successfully reduce the onset of diabetes among pre-diabetic populations. We implement this at the Dharana Wellness Retreat via a daily lifestyle plan, which involves thermal walks, organic cuisine, counselling, meditation and specialized wellness rituals.


Having a Prevention-Focused Mindset does not demand rituals or some complex pattern of behaviour. As often with life and wellness, it is the simplest things that end up mattering the most. Preventive Medicine is anything that actively benefits the mind and body, from the classics like Healthy Eating and Exercising to Annualized Health Check-Ups.


The Dharana Wellness Retreat is built on the premise of elevating Preventive Medicine to a higher priority among individuals. As such, unique approaches and methodologies are dictating how to conduct an assessment and how best a Preventive Mindset can be developed. Here are some of the approaches:


A Drug-less and Non-Invasive method that focuses on strengthening the body’s existing ability to self-heal. The use of natural therapies, such as nutrition, yoga, hydrotherapy and more allows for an inherently non-toxic process. Known as one of the leading Naturopathy Centres in India, the Dharana Retreat follows principles of Naturopathy to remove factors that impede healing.


Ayurveda Panchakarma sees its origin in ancient India, yet is widely accepted and practised. This philosophy is Preventive at its very core. Via a ‘Naadi’ Analysis, also known as ‘Naadi Pareeksha’, an understanding of the individual’s ‘Prakruthi’ and ‘Vikruthi’ can be understood. This provides important cues towards imbalances within the body’s ‘Doshas’, allowing prescription of a suitable diet and lifestyle regimen.


  • Gene Studies

A pinnacle of modern advancements, the analysis of DNA and Genes has been made extremely accessible. This provides knowledge regarding specific vulnerabilities and how the body will react to certain treatments. We conduct an in-depth DNA analysis and throughout your stay, incorporate lifestyle and diet recommendations based on genetic vulnerabilities and strengths.


  • Oligoscan

Seeing growing usage within Wellness Retreats in India, the Oligoscan is a non-invasive method to analyze presence of minerals, toxic metals and evidence of oxidative stress. Adverse health impact caused by them can then be curbed.


  • Qest4 – Bioenergetic Screening

Bioenergetic testing methods generate data in regards to the body’s energy, further indicating imbalances, presence of toxins, stress on the body and other deficiencies. Experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat utilize the cutting edge ‘Qest4’ device to conduct this analysis.


  • Iridiagnosis

A unique method of analysing the iris of the eye and comparing it to the ‘iris charts’. Changes in the iris can further indicate changes in health and any possible onset of illness. 


  • Body Composition Analysis

The very essence of the body and  it’s constituents can be thoroughly analyzed through a Body Composition Analysis. This evaluates weight beyond a number, indicating the amount of fats, proteins, minerals and water present.

The experts at Dharana Wellness Retreat integrate these approaches into Wellness Programmes like the Resilience Retreat, Rasayana Retreat and the Ayurvedic Panchakarma Programme. Book any of these transformative wellness journeys with this link.