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We all want to feel healthy and well, and would prefer to avoid illness and disease, but when it comes down to it, what can we do to support robust immunity? We all get sick sometimes, and avoiding it altogether is not realistic.

The purpose of Ayurvedic medicine is not to suppress symptoms but rather to address the root cause of imbalances. Ayurvedic medicine emphasises more on the body’s response and on the foundation that diseases occur when the Bala (Body immunity) is compromised.


Immunity according to Ayurveda: 

Immunity according to Ayurveda is based on the concept of acquired and inherited formulas. The term ‘vyadhi-kshmatva’ is literally translated to ‘self-avoidance of disease.’ Composed of two words – Vyadhi and Kshmatva where in Vyadhi means ‘Disease’ or ‘Illness’ and Kshmatva means ‘to resist’. 


Immunity is broadly classified within 3 types in Ayurveda :

  • Sehaja Vyadhi Kshmatva : What we inherit by birth and genetics
  • Vyadhija Vyadhi Kshmatva : When an antigen penetrates the body, and the immune system produces antibodies against that specific antigen to protect it.
  • Yuktikrit Vyadhi Kshmatva : The immunity that is acquired after following a rigorous combination of healthy diet, lifestyle and general well being.


The intake of anti-inflammatory foods such as carrots, spinach, leafy greens, and fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin A, C, D, and E as well as zinc, magnesium, and selenium can enhance immunity in a variety of ways.


With a well-balanced diet, Ayurveda also recommends maintaining a balance between mental and physical aspects in order to gain holistic immunity. The role of Rasayana is to help in restoring holistic health. More often than not, this programme is referred to  as an Ayurvedic immunity booster. 


Using this therapeutic approach promotes longevity, prevents ageing, encourages good mental and physical health, improves memory, and enhances immune function.

It is recommended to undergo this rejuvenation therapy if you have stress, insomnia, rough and dry skin, lack of concentration and appetite, migraines, or obesity to restore and maintain the rasa (vital fluid formed when food is digested). Dharana’s individualised treatment approach includes personalised treatments based on individual imbalances, diet, and lifestyle in order to improve immune health and longevity.


By offering a view of Shillim Peaks along with Dharana’s Food Philosophy and Kaamya Rasayana approach, Dharana at Shillim hopes to boost energy levels and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Providing holistic healthcare through a combination of modern diagnostics, Yoga and Ayurveda practices, Dharana Wellness Centre offers a complete Ayurvedic healing experience in India. For detailed information about the programme and its inclusions, click here.