Busting Common Myths in Ayurveda’s Oushadi Rasayana

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Ayurveda, the practice of healing, has been a part of our household and used by us for centuries to treat various conditions. In these times, although medicine has undergone an evolution, the saying, ‘Ayurveda is the mother of medical sciences is true. 


Ayurveda has a peculiar style of its own, tradition, functioning, art, and healing. It is a science that believes in preventing diseases rather than in healing or curing them. Ayurveda advocates a lot of preventive measures that require discipline on our part in terms of our daily activities like food choices, adaptation to different environments, stress management, daily living patterns to name a few. 


Ayurveda’s unparalleled success and victory stories in the treatment of many disorders and diseases from way back in history. Despite proving itself time and again that it is the best in business comprehensive healing methods and healthcare methods, it still faces a lot of challenges. A lack of thorough understanding or fragmented knowledge has led to a lot of misconceptions. Here are some of the common myths linked to Ayurveda and the realities adjoined with it. 


  • Ayurveda is not authentic science! 

The fact is anything that works has its theory, functions, and operates on its unique equations. Studying Ayurveda in its truly unadulterated form will enable you to understand that it is the greatest science mankind has ever been introduced to. For example- Ayurveda explains some pathological conditions like Avarana– In this condition, the “free-flowing Vata is obstructed by pitta, tissues, excreta, food and Kapha, and Ashayapakarsha– This means the displacement of something from its original place The displacement of pitta and  Kapha from its original place causes various disorders due to imbalance. In such situations, the disease pathology is quite difficult to track and diagnose based on modern parameters. It is only Ayurveda that can diagnose and treat these issues


  • The “act time” of Ayurveda is too slow and it is less effective

Anything old doesn’t necessarily need to be slow. There’s a myth that Ayurveda is slow acting and there are no instant results for any ailment. Some medicines and treatments need that time to act slowly and steadily. It is crucial because it ensures that no other body organs are damaged in the process of alleviation or destruction of disease pathology. Needless to say, Ayurveda is the safest path to take it as it is and ensuring that you are safeguarding your health in a long run


  • Ayurveda demands one to strictly follow a vegetarian diet

This myth has perhaps been flying around for a long period and is misunderstood at its best. There is no debate about whether a vegetarian diet is light on the digestive system and also has immense health benefits. But there is no such rule per se


  • Ayurvedic medicines are only for older people

Ayurveda is usually meant only for older people is yet another common fallacy. In reality, it is for everyone regardless of age group or the ailments one falls under. With a holistic approach and nature, modern Ayurveda can work wonders for numerous ailments and diseases contributing to overall good health if it is accurately studied in-depth


  • Ayurvedic medicines are free from side effects

Not everything works the same way for everyone and not everything suits everyone. There is no such concept as “one size is suitable for all” in ayurvedic medicine and it may work differently from person to person. Although ayurvedic medicines cause less harm than other medicines as it comprises organic herbs, there may still be certain side effects a person may experience. It is always advisable to consult the doctor or experts before starting any medication 


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