Resolving Conflict amongst the Youth

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International Youth Day is observed on August 12 as an awareness day. The day aims to draw focus towards youth engagement through three interconnected levels; local, national and international. This day celebrates the role young women and men play in societal growth and development. 


International Youth Day highlights the contributions of young activists and volunteers who are striving towards bringing a positive change in society by acting as catalysts for growth, prosperity, and peace. It also serves the purpose of raising awareness of the challenges and problems faced by the world’s youth. The role played by young people is critical as their actions will determine in creating stability and offering protection from conflict situations in the long term. 


Stress is an inevitable part of our life and no matter how much we try to avoid it, it catches up with us. No matter the age, gender, situation or profession you are in, everyone has stress, just the degree of it differs from person to person. Each person has their own way of dealing with stress, some release it via rigorous workouts, dance sessions, playing a sport while some face severe effects of it in the form of anxiety attacks, depression, poor physical and mental health, etc. But what is causing all of this? Conflicts are a significant source of stress. The difference in opinions and ideologies gives rise to conflicts as it is usually taken negatively and leaves people feeling a range of negative emotions like dejected, hurt, angry, and even humiliated. 


Conflicts can arise anywhere in relationships, at the workplace, with your partner, parents, siblings, or even within yourself. During conflicts, one tends to lose control over their mind and speech which heightens the argument making the situation worse. This is the time when one needs to be emotionally mature and intelligent to handle the situation wisely. Developing emotional intelligence helps in solving arguments and problems in a much better way and is a resilient approach with results that are satisfactory and liberating. 


Here are a few ways how one can deal with conflict situations and develop better conflict resolutions skills to lessen the effect of stress-



  • Connect with your feelings: An important aspect of conflict resolution is identifying your true feelings and understanding how, what and why you are feeling those emotions. The answer lies within when you open up to yourself and try to figure out the reason/ cause behind it. To be able to do this better, journaling is considered to be the most effective way to practice this and deal with issues 


  • Listen more: We tend to talk/ argue a lot when angry during conflict situations. Try to listen more to what the other person has to say rather than becoming defensive. It is vital to let that person express their feelings and put forth their perspective. Good listening helps bridge the gap between individuals and resolve issues faster 


  • Communication is the key: Communicating your thoughts is as important as listening. Conveying your feelings and opinions will help the other person understand you better and help resolve issues in a better manner. The important thing to note here is not to do the same aggressively or putting the other person in a defensive position


  • Seek help/ expert opinion: Once both the parties are enlightened with each other’s thoughts and opinions, it’s time to find a solution to the conflict. To come on common ground, a solution both of you can accept and live with. A simple apology and an open-minded discussion can work wonders in these situations. Apart from this, one can also undertake programs like self-management, anger and stress management, relationship management offered by health and mental wellness retreats that help cope with conflict situations by providing a holistic approach towards dealing with these situations


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