Vanaushadhi of Shillim: The Nature-Inspired Approach to Massages

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

Within the pristine Shillim Valley lies an approach to luxury massages and wellness unlike any other. At the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India, Vanaushadhi – ‘The Gifts from the Forest’, is a unique remedy to the body’s general wear and tear, aging, and skin health. Conducted as a Personalized Wellness Ritual, a Vanaushadhi Treatment utilizes essential oils to massage the body, healing it as well as relaxing the mind. 


Providing a quintessential Luxury Wellness Retreat experience, the essential oils utilized are crafted fresh, with recipes developed by the Dharana Retreat’s resident experts. Respected as ‘natural gifts’, the ingredients are curated and sourced from the in-house organic farm as well as the surrounding Shillim Flora. Herbs, Medicinal Plants, Honey from Local Hives as well and freshly prepared Ayurvedic Powders all come together to provide a unique, aromatic, and truly individualized experience. 


The benefits of a Vanaushadhi Wellness Ritual, from its relaxing, tension-relieving experience to healthier skin, develop in a significant way due to essential oils. Researchers S. Wilkinson and colleagues’ analysis of the impact of essential oils, when utilized in a therapeutic massage for cancer patients, shows an enhanced effect of the massage, improving physical and psychological symptoms along with quality of life. Further benefits are studied by researchers A. Okamoto and colleagues, namely, a genuine improvement in an individual’s depressive state due to consistent essential oils aided massage therapy.


The Dharana Wellness Retreat in India utilizes two unique and curated Vanaushadhi Wellness Rituals in its Goal-based Wellness Programmes, these are – 

  • Signature Vanaushadhi Massage

The Vanaushadhi Massage is a complete body treatment that goes beyond mere relaxation. It promotes skin health skin, stimulates blood circulation, and alleviates muscle tension, helping attain a state of profound tranquillity. Warm, raw oils extracted from the seeds, flowers, and roots grown locally are lavishly applied during this therapy. Enriched with moisturizers, vitamins, and minerals, these oils work harmoniously to nourish the skin, healing it to be supple, radiant, and lustrous.

  • Ku Nu Ye Tibetan – Elemental Massage

Ku Nu Ye Tibetan massage is a transformative experience that aims to harmonize the five elements within the body, fostering a harmonious flow of energy. A specially curated blend of five essential oils is delicately applied to stabilize the five sensory organs. Meanwhile, traditional Tibetan techniques, including cupping, kneading, and hot poultice acupressure, work in unison to release physical and mental tension.


As a Luxury Wellness Retreat, Dharana Shillim recognizes the profound wisdom and therapeutic potential within nature. The Vanaushadhi Wellness Rituals are more than just massages; they are invitations to connect with nature’s healing powers.

Embrace these gifts from the forest when embarking on a journey of self-discovery and well-being at the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India. Feel the mind, body, and soul nurtured and rejuvenated in a therapeutic, aromatic, and relaxing Vanaushadhi Wellness Ritual.