Stress Recovery with the Essence of Wellbeing

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

Even though mental health has gained a lot of attention and understanding in recent years, the majority of the population still struggles with mental illness. In their 2021 meta-analytic paper, researchers Nochaiwong, Ruengorn, and Thavorn indicate that 36.5% of people worldwide deal with stress and a further 50% of people suffer from psychological distress. 


According to the experts at Dharana Shillim Wellness Retreat in India, this problem is exasperated due to the demands of the urban environment. Living in a city naturally demands a hectic lifestyle that does not allow for ample rest or proactive steps toward stress relief. It is in this scenario that an individual must take a step back, slow down, and focus on stress recovery. 


Slowing down, contrary to an urban lifestyle, does not indicate low focus and productivity. In fact, slowing down is a mindfulness practice,, appreciating the often unappreciated aspects of life. Mindfulness has many sources, from Yogic practices to walking and hiking. It can even develop from an appreciation for the food you eat, its ingredients, and the processes involved. 


To work towards mindfulness and stress recovery, it is essential that one gets away from the city and its urban lifestyle. This is why the wellness experts at Dharana Shillim developed the Essence of Wellbeing Programme. In 2-nights, the programme encourages participation in some of the most effective ways to relieve stress. Experiencing these curated activities sets you on the right path for a stress-free lifestyle.


While knowledge of Yoga has existed for centuries, its effectiveness in healing modern individuals has not waned. During your Wellness Programme, engage in Iyengar Yoga, and Pranayama, two simple yoga types with many benefits. Yoga’s strong emphasis on controlled, deep breathing activates the body’s relaxation response. It calms the nervous system and regulates the production of the stress hormone – cortisol. This physical activity also stimulates the release of the natural mood-lifter endorphin.


One of the most effective ways to slow down and experience a sense of mindfulness is presence in nature. A complete antithesis to urban environments, being among the trees and the fresh air naturally relaxes and calms you. Experiencing nature has also been linked to cortisol regulation. The physiological markers of stress can be reduced by attending a calming Shinrin Yoku session or an invigorating Trek to Shillim Peak.


One of the most unique ways to relieve stress, Clay Therapy and Painting act as creative outlets for your mind’s worries, troubles, and stressors. Expressing yourself in a non-verbal manner such as this can be an incredibly calming experience. In addition to creating a truly unique piece of art, the creative process is an exercise in psychological wellness.


You are what you eat. An engaging way to work towards stress relief and mindfulness is a refreshing wellness cooking session wherein all 5 senses are engaged. This heightened awareness keeps you grounded in the present moment, thus appreciating the process. Creative expression also plays a role here, from picking the ingredients to choosing the method. At Dharana Shillim, the cooking school encourages experiencing a Wellness Cooking Session – Cooking some signature Dharana recipes with sustainably sourced ingredients.


A classic approach to stress relief, meditation taps into the body’s ‘relaxation response’. This causes the body to relax, stabilize heart rate, and deepen breathing. Consistent meditation is also known to reduce the secretion of cortisol, thus controlling the physiological impact that stress has on the body. 


Wellness Experts at Dharana Shillim Wellness Retreat in India believe that participation in these stress relief activities not only rejuvenates in the moment but also inspires one to make these activities a part of their daily lifestyle. This World Mental Health Day, gain a new perspective on long-term wellness of the Mind, Body, and Spirit and reserve your stay for the Essence of Wellbeing programme at Dharana Shillim with this link.