Balancing Adventure with Conservation through Responsible Tourism

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

In recent years, sustainability and environment-focused mindsets have moved away from sidelined ideas towards more mainstream attention. How one lives and the lifestyle followed is a keen interest for those cognizant of their impact on the environment and the world. With this philosophy  ‘Responsible Tourism’ emerges as an area of focus.


A mindful traveller likes an experience that not only rejuvenates and revitalises them but also avoids leaving a negative carbon footprint, according to experts at Dharana Shillim Wellness Retreat. This practice of offsetting helps balance the often unavoidable aspects of travel: emission-heavy planes and cars. 


Dharana at Shillim’s approach to Eco-Wellness sets the foundation for a truly perspective-shifting and mindful travel experience.
The retreat has several positive impacts on Shillim Valley and its people, including


  1. Conservation Efforts in the Shillim Valley

The story of the Dharana Shillim Wellness Retreat in India begins with an aim to conserve and protect the Shillim Valley from deforestation. Today, almost 2,500 acres of dense forest refresh the entire valley with fresh air. Recent plantation efforts have added more than 7000 individual plants to the forest. 


  1. Water Conservation

As an integral part of the Western Ghats, the Shillim Valley receives an average of 3,000 – 4,000 mm yearly rainfall. This makes rainwater harvesting an important addition to Dharana Shillim’s sustainability efforts. In the monsoon season, rainfall accounts for almost every water requirement at the retreat. Further, drip irrigation at the organic farm promotes efficient water usage. 


  1. Solar Farm 

Non-conventional electricity generation using solar energy is one of the most sustainable methods, and with Dharana at Shillim leveraging 500 Kilo Watt Solar Farm, it accounts for approximately 80% of all electricity requirements. The solar farm stands as an exemplary demonstration of the potential of carbon-free electricity.


  1. Diesel Offset

Traditional approaches to a resort’s operation demand several litres of diesel, a carbon fuel with an extremely heavy footprint. At Dharana Shillim, electric heat pumps, and LPG steam generators offset a combined 300,000 litres of diesel every year, this not only cuts down on the possible footprint of generating the fuel but also emissions from transport. 


  1. Social Impact

Responsible Tourism goes beyond sustainability to also account for the impact on actual lives. Dharana at Shillim’s staff is intimately involved with the community in and around the valley. Each member undertakes several hours of community work in the Shillimb Village and ‘Sampark Bal Asha Ghar’ – an orphanage situated in the valley. 


Dharana Shillim Wellness Retreat in India acts as a catalyst for a complete and comprehensive lifestyle transformation. This concerns not just physical health and wellness but also attitudes surrounding sustainability and mindfulness towards the environment. Today, the retreat understands the essence of Responsible Tourism, harnessing it to provide not only a carbon-conscious travel experience but a more mindful step into wellness. Reserve your stay and begin a  responsible and mindful wellness journey in the lap of nature.