3 Ways to Develop a Focus on Sustainability in Kids

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

In the modern world, with environmental concerns looming larger than ever, developing a mindset that inherently focuses on a sustainable and low-waste approach to life is important. Even though climate change and global warming threaten ecosystems all over the world, adopting sustainable practices and attitudes can mitigate the damage. At the Dharana Shillim, a Wellness Retreat in India, developing such an attitude is an important aspect of any wellness journey. Here, experts focus keenly on young minds, ensuring that children have a strong understanding of sustainability and conservation.


On the family-focused Essence of Wellbeing journey at Dharana Shillim, various activities over the retreat and the Shillim Valley invite kids to ponder over and understand the concept of sustainability, from current approaches to sustainable living and the necessity of doing so. Learn more about these activities! 

Taking place in the private Shillim Estate, a protected and conserved area of the Shillim Valley, this guided walk focuses on the intricate nature and balance of an ecosystem, along with the deep history of the valley. The idea is to communicate and help develop an understanding of the environment and its functions. The Shillim Forest walk emphasizes the conservation of natural surroundings, and how that would in turn help in healthier living. 

The organic farm at Dhrana Shillim is the foundation of the Dharana Food Philosophy. Sustainably sourced and free from synthetic pesticides, the farm produce is utilized in every culinary activity at the retreat. As such, the guided organic farm tour brings kids closer to the food they eat, helping them understand the joy of organic farming and its positive impact on health and the environment.

  • Recycle / Upcycle

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has been one of the earliest examples of sustainable attitudes reaching a larger audience. At Dharana Shillim, the ‘Recycle/Upcycle’ activity teaches kids not only the significance and impact of recycling but also how items previously disregarded as waste can be ‘upcycled’ and used. This guided activity reaches out to the creative and artistic side of kids, forming an essential link between creativity and its positive impact on the environment. 


The Dharana Shillim Wellness Retreat in India is one of the leading examples of sustainable measures and conservation efforts in the world. The retreat thus acts as the perfect platform and teacher for your kids, helping them understand the importance of sustainability and conservation for the environment. It facilitates the development of a future-focused, mindful approach to living, right from an early age. 

At the Essence of Wellbeing programme, a 2-night, distinctive introduction to the Dharana Way of Life, your kids can experience the very best of nature, environment and learning. Reserve your stay and experience luxury wellness at its finest.