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Hiking for Wellness: What are the Health Benefits of Hiking

Hiking for Wellness

Does hiking hold a place in your routine? This activity proves to be a very unique way to interact with nature. According to the experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India, participating in a hike tends to increase environmental awareness and consciousness as a hiker must be mindful of the nature around them such as the flora and fauna and the forest’s shade providing relief from the sun. This complete activity from starting at a base and eventually reaching the summit proves to be satisfying and immensely fulfilling.


At the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India, participating in Hikes and Treks is integral to many Wellness Programs as a part of Exercise Physiology. In fact, the Health Benefits of Hiking are distinct enough to warrant adding the occasional hike to your exercise routine. 


What are the Health Benefits of Hiking?

Advocating Hiking for Wellness, an extremely intriguing perspective is provided by Ph.D. sustainability educator Denise Mitten and her colleagues. The researchers analyzed Hiking and Trekking from the perspective of it being an accessible health intervention, notable enough to prescribe it to patients. They identified:


  • Spending time in nature itself restores mental and emotional health, along with reducing stress levels. Some benefits transpire over time. such as decreased depression. 
  • Immediate benefits of hiking and exposure to nature include Decreased Systolic Blood Pressure, a Deactivated Sympathetic Nervous System, and stronger Immune Functioning.
  • While Hiking tends to be a longer and more physically engaging activity, those who participate in this report that hiking does not feel like exercise when compared to intense exercising or gymming. Infact, they burned more calories than runners or walkers. 


Integrating Hiking for Wellness into your Life.

The ongoing process that is Urban Living tends seldom leaves the time and energy to include hiking, even as a weekly event. The Health Benefits of Hiking is a significant addition to the expected long-term benefits of healthy living. The Wellness Experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India have identified some truly invigorating, energizing, and satisfying trails in the Shillim Valley. They provide the optimum balance of accessibility, scenery, and nature immersion:


  • Lake View Trek

A simple excursion, the lake view trek guides you through the Shillim Forests to a scenic and eye-opening view of the serene Pawna Lake.


The signature hike recommended to all, this stimulating trail takes you to the highest accessible point of the Shillim Valley. A healthy breakfast and yoga complement the beautiful views.


  • Shillim Conservation Walk

While not a hike or a trek in the conventional sense, this walk takes you into the Shillim Forests, educating you about the beauty of the Shillim ecosystem, and how it came to be.

Participating in Hiking for Wellness with Dharana’s expert Trekking and Hiking guides not only provides the Health Benefits of Hiking but also an understanding of the Shillim Valley, its Ecosystem, and Nature as a whole. Experience this engaging activity on your Wellness Retreat at Dharana.