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Calmness: The Different Ways to Meditate

The practice of meditating is tied to the philosophy on which the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India centers. As a part of the ‘Yoga’ Philosophy, it emphasizes removing impurities from the Mind, Body, and Soul through various Yogic Practices, thus including meditation. Practising Meditation for Wellness is not a recent development. In fact, it has seen a prominent place within mainstream culture, being touted as a source of peace and relaxation. However, the question of “How to Meditate Effectively” remains unanswered.


The experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India believe that meditation is a diverse activity, far beyond the typical image of an individual sitting cross-legged. The Different Ways to Meditate help you towards a specific goal, more than just relaxation. Here are some of the different meditative practices practised at Dharana:


  1. Mindfulness Meditation

Immerse yourself in the present moment, cultivating a deep connection with your breath and sensations. Through guided mindfulness meditation sessions, you will develop the ability to observe your thoughts and emotions, fostering a greater sense of self-awareness and emotional well-being.


  1. Kundalini Meditation

Tap into the dormant energy within you and experience the profound awakening of Kundalini. This dynamic practice combines breathwork, chanting, and movement to activate and balance the energy centers in your body, leading to heightened spiritual awareness and a deep sense of vitality.


  1. Transcendental Meditation

Dive into the depths of consciousness through Transcendental Meditation. This practice involves the use of a unique mantra, allowing the mind to effortlessly transcend the surface level of thoughts and enter a state of deep relaxation and inner bliss.


  1. Tibetan Bowl Meditation

Immerse yourself in the resonating sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, as their vibrations envelop your being. This ancient practice promotes deep relaxation, clears energetic blockages, and restores harmony to your body, mind, and soul.


  1. Trataka Meditation

Harness the power of focused gaze in Trataka meditation. You cultivate concentration and clarity by fixing your attention on a single point, such as a candle flame. This practice enhances eye health, improves concentration, and promotes mental tranquillity.


Research continues to showcase many interesting benefits of practising these many types of Meditation for Wellness. Esther N. Moszeik’s research on Yoga Nidra Meditation showed that a short dose of meditation can positively influence stress, sleep, and well-being. Additionally, M. Pokorski and colleagues’ study on the psychobehavioural effects of meditation placed the practice as conducive to mental health by improving general well-being, counteracting stress, and leading to a better vigour of spirit.


How to Meditate Effectively

Unique goals bring in unique answers. As a premier Meditation Retreat in India, Dharana at Shillim integrates the art of meditating in its many tailor-made Wellness Programs. The resident Wellness Experts, Doctors, and Meditation Coaches can help you not only practice meditation but also learn how to do it consistently, meaningfully, and effortlessly. Plan your Wellness Journey at Dharana today.