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Thoughtful Holiday Presents for Health and Relaxation

The holiday season is about spending time with your loved ones and rekindling bonds of care and affection. Sharing special moments with your loved ones creates memories that last a lifetime and is the most wholesome form of wellness. The tradition of exchanging gifts around the Winter solstice has been observed through generations. Take this year to explore a unique gifting opportunity that goes beyond materialism.

Located near Mumbai and Pune in the picturesque Shillim Valley, with the sights and sounds of the forest with Dharana, gift yourself and your loved ones a transformational experience filled with comfort and luxury at Dharana Shillim.


Winter season is the time for introspection with its short days and long, cool nights, providing the ideal time to experience calmness and relaxation. Your holistic wellness programme is complemented with a stay at Dharana’s Presidential Villa overlooking the pristine Sahyadris and the Western Ghats or Private Pool Villa beaming elegance and luxury through its interiors.

Choose your haven of unparalleled comfort on your family wellness holiday at Dharana.


The Presidential Villa

Enjoy an extravagant stay at the highest point of the retreat, with panoramic views of the Shillim Valley. Explore incredible amenities such as a private deck and swimming pool, butler service, a kitchenette, a spacious living area, and three comfortable bedrooms while being surrounded by nature.

This level of comfort and grandeur is available for a minimum 2-night stay at 15% off, including a spa treatment for two.


The Pool Villa

Nestled within the exclusive 70-acre wellness enclave dedicated to wellbeing, the pool villa offers opulent features such as a secluded pool, outdoor shower, and a separate living space.


The Pool Villa’s paramount allure lies in the opportunity for you and your significant other to partake in rejuvenating rituals within the serene confines of your personal haven.

Find serenity in leisure within the confines of the private pool, surrounded by the breathtaking natural splendor of the Shillim Valley.
Along with these perks, you get the Pool Villa for the holiday season with 20% off for a minimum 3-night stay and a 15% discount for two-night and one-night stays*

Located in the secluded Shillim Valley, just two hours from Mumbai and Pune, Dharana Shillim offers unparalleled comfort and holistic healing benefits.

Make your stay a fulfilling experience by partaking in various wellness programmes that are designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle through activities like yoga, wellness rituals, balanced and sustainable eating, exercise, and more.

As you celebrate the new year, extend the spirit of well-being with considerate holiday gifts, inspired by the restorative essence of Dharana Shillim tailored for health and relaxation. These Wellness programmes address a wide range of health issues ranging from low immunity and weight management to stress management and physical health


Book your holiday stay now to give the gift of wellness as you strengthen your bonds with loved ones, and find inspiration in the optimistic vibes of the holiday season for a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Share the Dharana experience; choose health and relaxation for your New Year gifts.