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Setting Intentions for the New Year: A Wellness Guide

Ever wondered how to turn those New Year’s resolutions into a lasting, healthier lifestyle?


While many aim for wellness, the path isn’t always clear. That’s where Dharana at Shillim steps in, guiding you on a journey to holistic wellbeing. Let’s make this year about setting intentions; not just resolutions.


Located 2 hours away from Mumbai and Pune, Dharana at Shillim stands as a sanctuary for holistic healing through engaging activities and wellness programmes designed for rejuvenation, relaxation, and resetting. It is the ideal location for anyone to start their wellness journey and get guidance on how to adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle.


If you are struggling to be consistent with your resolutions, integrating the Dharana Way of Life into your Dincharya (daily routine) could be the perfect start. Dharana offers a comprehensive approach combining preventive medicine, exercise, dietetics, mental strength, and spiritual well-being. Dharana at Shillim’s wellness programmes is designed to create small goals and help individuals with step-by-step assistance from our wellness experts. Through these practices, a sense of achievement is established and individuals can feel the positive effects of their gradual change into a healthier lifestyle. Once the programme ends, these practices find a way into your daily lives due to its easy and gradual approach.


The Dharana Way of Life is guided by the five pillars of Dharana.


  1. Preventive Medication

Your transformative journey at Dharana begins with a series of non-invasive tests, biomarker evaluations, body composition analysis, and DiSC profiling. These help the wellness experts get a better understanding of your bodily doshas mind and body and build your customized Dharana Dincharya (daily routine) so that they can identify your specific health issues and wellness needs.


  1. Exercise and Physiology

Dharana Shillim‘s approach to exercise goes beyond intense workouts. It is designed to help you make physical exercise a seamless part of your daily routine. Enjoy the holistic approach to fitness through nature activities like a Forest Walk or Shillim Conservation Trek.


  1. Nutrition and Dietetics

Your ‘diet’ will emphasize wholesome meals guided by our Food Philosophy rooted in sustainable sourcing, slow cooking, and balance. take home mindful practices like choosing fresh over processed foods and adopting sustainable food habits.


  1. Conflict Resolution

This key pillar prioritizes mental health. Your DiSC® profile helps understand and correct emotional responses while polysomnography provides insights into sleep habits. Our wellness experts prescribe types of meditation and breathwork for your mental wellbeing. When back in the cityscapes, this practice helps with emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual development in your daily life functionality.


  1. Spiritual Wellbeing

Set your intentions for a purposeful New Year through the transformative Dharana practices of yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Help awaken your ‘Consciousness’ and achieve body cleansing, healing, and correction through healing rituals at Dharana Shillim.


Sustainable travel is the new cool. Every guest at Dharana Shillim leaves a low carbon footprint with the retreat’s eco-conscious practices like using glass bottles, sustainably sourced foods, environment-friendly architecture, cycling mode of transport, and conservation efforts. We urge our guests to inculcate these practices into their everyday lives for a sustainable you in a sustainably built future.


Begin your New Year Resolution today and enter 2024 renewed!