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5 Tips To Make The Most of Your Winter Wellness Escape at Dharana Shillim

As winter whispers through the Shillim Valley, Dharana becomes an even more idealistic destination for a weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. The expansive villas, featuring sustainable design and chic interiors, provide a cozy sanctuary surrounded by the natural grandeur of the mountainous terrain. With temperatures in Shilimb offering a refreshing winter chill, Dharana at Shillim stands as a haven for those seeking not just escape, but holistic wellness.


The Essence of Wellbeing Programme at Dharana offers the perfect opportunity to experience the winter season in India with luxurious accommodations, healthy meals at the Green Table, and personalized BCA consultations.


Here are 5 tips to make the most of your winter escape at Dharana Shillim:


1) Rejuvenate with Wellness Rituals

Ayurvedic treatments can be especially comforting during winter, providing warmth and relaxation. Choose from Abhyanga, Deep Tissue Massage, and Vanaushadi, designed to focus on dosha-specific healing to facilitate a reset for the mind and body.


2) Winter Adventures Await!

Take your wellness to new heights with a Trek to Shillim Peak. Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) can be a beautiful experience during winter too, offering a unique connection with nature; or begin your day with a Sunrise Trail to observe the ever-changing beauty of nature from dawn to morning. Get lucky Bird Watching to witness feathered beauties that grace the region during winter.


3) Breathwork & Yoga

Breathing exercises are particularly beneficial during winter. At Dharana, the Pranayama sessions focus on breath control to decrease stress, helping stay centered and calm. Additionally, group yoga and meditation sessions are conducted at the Dhyana (Meditation Cave at Dharana) practicing gentle forms of yoga to promote a sense of warmth during winter.


4) Wellness Cooking Session

Learn to prepare warm and nourishing meals with our expert chefs. Dharana’s Food Philosophy practices sustainable sourcing and cooking that improve your gut health and overall wellbeing. The key takeaway is how it seamlessly incorporates into your daily life for you to continue this as a healthy lifestyle choice even after the programme.


5) Creative Expression

Indoor arts and crafts sessions provide a warm and inviting environment. You can also express yourselves creatively with a cozy Clay Therapy Session at Dharana. 


Let the spirit of the season uplift your journey towards rejuvenation and holistic wellbeing. Book the Essence of Wellbeing Programme at Dharana Shillim for a winter experience that nurtures the self amidst the winter mist-clad Shillim greenscapes.


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