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Sustain a ‘Healthier You’ with 28-night Health and Wellness Programmes

The pursuit of good health is a broad yet core inclination for many. Health is, when understood at its basics, the absence of illness. This indicates that, as long as an individual is not suffering from a blocked nose or a life-threatening disease, they are in fact Healthy even if their current behaviours and lifestyle bring them to the path of illness…


The experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai emphasize the principle of “Conserve, Sustain, and Heal.” Sustaining, in this context, is extended to lifelong, wellness-focused habits. It is the building and then continuation of behaviours that put an individual on the path to Wellness, a scenario of not only the absence of illness but also improved, positive functioning. Participating in a comprehensive 28-night Wellness Programme in India at the Dharana Wellness Retreat is a great place to start!


Contemporary Research has consistently provided support for the efficacy of Health and Wellness Programmes, both in terms of wellness benefits and habit formation. 


  1. Dr. Marc Cohen and Colleagues’ paper studying Wellness Tourists identifies statistically significant improvements in various wellness dimensions, sustained for more than 6 weeks after participation. 
  2. Researchers M. Lidin and Colleagues’ study on a structured lifestyle intervention program identified improved lifestyle habits and quality of life. 
  3. Brian M. Galla and Angela L. Duckworth’s paper indicates that forming and maintaining beneficial habits that are pivotal in increasing self-control, thus generating positive life outcomes.


The Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai offers some of the best Health and Wellness Programmes for your individualized needs. These programmes have been meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive immersion into the Dharana Way of Life. An extended stay of 28 nights allows the resident experts to analyze how the various lifestyle interventions are impacting your mind, body, and soul, thus allowing adjustments when necessary. Here are some of the recommended programmes for health and wellness.


The Healing Holiday Wellness Programme addresses chronic health issues through holistic and scientific methods, reducing medication reliance. It enhances cell vitality, the immune system, and disease resistance through physical, mental, and dietary approaches. The program corrects lifestyle choices, improves nutrient absorption, and eliminates toxins using traditional analyses and Ayurvedic practices.


Identifying the root cause of weight gain through scientific tests, the programme achieves sustainable weight reduction with a balanced approach encompassing nutrition, exercise, yoga, and meditation. It also corrects lifestyle choices, enhances digestion, eliminates toxins, and ensures lasting results. Expert guidance in nutrition helps in facilitating healthy calorie management.


A deep dive into the Ayurvedic system, the programme identifies Dosha imbalances and eliminates toxins from the body and mind, creating a balance in humoral factors. It nourishes tissues, promotes mental well-being, and incorporates traditional daily and seasonal routines for long-lasting detoxification. These routines, termed Dinacharya and Ritucharya are individualized to your needs and your body, thus aiding in restoring health and strengthening the immune system.


A complete immersion into the Yoga Philosophy, the program evaluates one’s spiritual quotient using a unique yogic methodology. It aims to cultivate inward reflection, mindfulness, and healing through the eightfold path of yoga. The program aims to awaken consciousness, clean chakras, and foster self-love and respect for the universe. 

Begin your journey into healthier living with Dharana’s 28-night Wellness Programme in India. A unique focus on habit formation ensures that the lessons learned here are sustained through a lifetime, enabling you to always make a healthier choice. Book your stay at the Dharana Wellness Retreat today.