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How To Do a Digital Detox – A Healthier Approach

What place do devices have in your life? Chances are, daily responsibilities already have you glued to a screen. Most occupations today cannot function without the use of a computing device. Additionally, the smartphone is almost an extension of the body, always with you and always in use. The modern era truly is dependent on smart, accessible technology, ironically, it is at the same time that the search term ‘Digital Detox’ continues to be popular. 


What is Digital Detox?


According to a 2019 study by researcher Stewart C, 86% of participants reported an inability to switch off devices after working hours. This in turn led to negatively affecting professional and personal life alike. 


As experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai, finding a holistic balance between technology and wellness is a point of concern. Understanding what it truly means to ‘detox from technology’ becomes important when considering the experience of a Digital Detox Retreat. An etymological approach leads to the following definition: A Digital Detox is a certain time duration in which one abstains from toxic or unhealthy substances, in this case, technology. 


How to do a Digital Detox


Step 1: Understand ‘Why’ to Detox

Studies have identified that abstaining from smartphone usage for 24 hours leads only to high cravings and no benefits. As such, it is essential to identify a core motivating factor behind abstaining from devices. Is it to be productive? Do you feel devices creep into your social life? No matter the cause, a strong motivating factor will assist in gaining the Benefits of Digital Detox.


Step 2: Decide ‘When’ to Detox

 With technology simply being a part of life,  deciding to expel the same completely from daily living will not be feasible or sustainable. Tying into Step 1, it is important to schedule a certain time that you spend free of devices. A good starting point is detoxing after working hours when the work need for devices has ceased. 


Step 3: Define ‘How’ to Detox

Interestingly, technology itself can help you develop a healthier relationship with your devices. Certain applications block off access for a certain time. Alternatively, you can also experiment with leaving your device behind and enjoying other activities


Gaining Benefits of Digital Detox

A review of multiple research papers by Theda Radtke and colleagues led to the discovery of the possible benefits of Digital Detox: 

  1. Increased Self-Regulation Skills
  2. Better Sleep Quality
  3. Reduced Anxiety Symptoms
  4. Reduced Depression Symptoms


A key impact is also seen on the body’s Circadian Rhythm. Excessive exposure to the lights emitted by gadgets and electromagnetic radiation can significantly disrupt the body’s circadian cycle and impair the production of the hormone melatonin. The blue light emitted by devices has been found to suppress melatonin release, resulting in sleep disturbances and compromised sleep quality. Disrupted circadian rhythms can have detrimental effects on mood, cognitive function, and overall well-being. A Digital Detox is a key intervention, helping the Circadian Rhythm normalize.


As a Wellness Retreat near Mumbai, Dharana at Shillim provides an essential Digital Detox Retreat experience when you participate in a Wellness Programme. The experts recommend participating in a robust 28-night Wellness Retreat. It is an immersion into the Dharana Way of Life through ayurvedic, naturopathic, and other holistic methodologies that bring about better health and well-being.


Gain complete insight and understanding into What is Digital Detox in the lap of nature. Conserve, Sustain, and Heal at the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India, book your stay today.