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Simple Habits, Healthy Living – Benefits of Staying Hydrated

As a Wellness Retreat near Mumbai, Dharana’s experts often help individuals who are consistently on the go, rushing from one place to another and stuck in an urban lifestyle. Fatiguing and stressful living such as this calls for wellness interventions to stay active, energetic, and most importantly, healthy. As such, it is significant to recognize the Importance of Staying Hydrated! 


Water is truly a building block of life. 

This is because – Fluids fill virtually every space in cells and in between them. Water Molecules help form the structures of macromolecules such as proteins and glycogen, aiding in structural support, enzymatic activity, transport and signalling, immune function, energy storage, and blood sugar regulation. They are vital for the proper functioning, growth, and maintenance of living organisms.


What Happens if you don’t Drink Enough Water

Research has consistently shown that Not Drinking Enough Water is overall very damaging to the body. An individual is said to be dehydrated if fluid losses amount to 1% to 2% loss of body weight. Early signs of Dehydration include headache, fatigue, appetite loss, heat intolerance, and more. Low water intake also leads to a secondary effect of reduced urine volume, which in turn increases the risk of a kidney stone. 


Benefits of Staying Hydrated

At the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India, this potent, health-promoting fluid is emphasized, ensuring those on their wellness journey make the wise choice to Drink More Water. Aside from the usual benefits that water provides – from freshness to transporting nutrients – There exist some unique lesser known Benefits of Water Intake. Here are some of the research-backed positives…


  • Headache Reduction 

Choosing to Drink More Water can aid in curbing migraines and headaches. Researchers Amy Price and Amanda Burls’s review of multiple studies found that in just three months, drinking more than 2.5 Litres of Water daily reduced the frequency and duration of headache pain. Those who followed this regimen also reported improved overall quality of life.


  • Reduced Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure

Not Drinking Enough Water can impact your overall blood pressure. According to Yin Luo and colleagues, a unique workplace intervention that encouraged people to consume more water led to statistically significant reductions in Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure, thus reducing cases of Hypertension. 


  • Improved Gut Health

Japanese researchers Yumi Nakamura and colleagues identified a snowball effect of drinking more water. Increased hydration, along with regulated blood pressure, also leads to a healthier body temperature. These three factors have contributed to a healthy intestinal microbiome! The Dharana Wellness Retreat in India has a unique focus on nurturing gut health by way of nutrition and dietetics, which makes this a salient benefit of drinking more water.


  • Reduced Inflammation

Water acts as a natural detoxifier. As such, staying hydrated flushes out toxins, while also maintaining fluid balance and promoting optimal cellular function. As a complement, regulated body functions also help in reduced inflammation.


  • Maintained Body pH Balance

Drinking more water has an interesting impact on the body’s pH balance. Firstly, it acts as a medium for various chemical reactions and helps regulate the body’s acid-base balance. When consumed, water assists in diluting acids and toxins, enabling the body to eliminate them more efficiently. Secondly, water supports the functioning of organs involved in pH regulation, such as the kidneys and lungs. 

As one of the Best Wellness Retreat in India, we help you recognize the Importance of Staying Hydrated. Aside from this, our expert wellness consultants assist you in creating healthy habits that you can carry with you throughout your life. Book a stay with us today, and start living the Dharana Way of Life.