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Keep the Painkillers Away: Why your Headache stays ‘Chronic’

A telltale sign of stress is headaches. Understood physiologically as irritaton or traction of the meninges or nearby blood vessels, headaches are experienced most commonly as a primary disorder, meaning there is no other illness causing the ache.


Developed due to Fatigue, Sleep deprivation, and Stress, Primary Headaches can be something one can ‘sleep off’ or may be chronic. In fact, in their paper, ‘The Chronification of Headache’, authors Timothy Houle Ph.D. and Justin M. Nash Ph.D. state –


“Stress and headache are intricately interrelated. Stress is thought to contribute to headache disorder onset in predisposed individuals, trigger or worsen individual headache episodes in those with headaches, and exacerbate the progression of a headache disorder. In exacerbating headache disorder progression, stress is believed to be a major factor in headache transformation from an episodic to a chronic condition.”


A universal ailment as this has surged demand for better and faster ways to recover. Paracetamol, arguably the most common painkiller for headaches, has become a part of contemporary culture. However, the quest for instant relief focuses only on ridding one of an ailment, ignoring the underlying cause and what the body is trying to convey.


The experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai suggest an alternative approach to curbing headaches. The goal is to have a future-focused mindset, instead of simply being reactionary. Various activities and therapies at the serene Wellness Retreat all tap into this philosophy.


A key pillar of the Dharana Wellness Retreat is preventative medicine. It is ensuring that positive, health-focused behaviours are a part of daily habits and life instead of a reaction to illness. 


Spectrophotometry, Ayurvedic approaches, and Gene studies help the experts analyze the current state of your body and recommend measures to improve. The focus on Preventative Medicine has made Dharana one of the foremost Naturopathy Centres in India too.


Mediation is the antithesis of a fast, urban life. It truly counters the hectic life that is common in cities.


Meditation is slow and purposeful. It is taking your mind off the stress with the express aim to relax. Researchers Qiang Gu, Jin-Chao Hou, and Xiang-Ming Fang noted in their paper ‘Mindfulness Meditation for Primary Headache Pain’ that such meditation did reduce the intensity of headaches and, over time, reduced frequency. 


Another essential component of the Dharana Way of Life, Yoga taps into similar notes as that of Meditation. The combination of breathing and movement promotes blood flow, easing pain and providing a sense of calm.


Researchers Dennis Anheyer, MA, Petra Klose, Ph.D., Romy Lauche, Ph.D. Felix Joyonto Saha, MD, and Holger Cramer, Ph.D. noted in their paper ‘Yoga for Treating Headaches: a Systematic Review and a meta-analysis’ that consistent practice could significantly reduce the frequency of headaches. 


The Dharana Wellness Retreat at Shillim combined the above into one, making it one of the premier Wellness Centers in India. Here are some of the Wellness Programmes we recommend –


Free yourself from the daily urban life and its culture of instant gratification and experience true relief. To book your stay, click this link.