Exploring Detox – The What, Why, and How

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

Detox in the current era has reached a ‘buzzword’ status. In a typical store, one can expect many products touting to cleanse and rid the body of accumulated toxins. Detox diets, detox exercises, and detox superfoods have become common in online spaces. Many Wellness Resorts in India have also begun using the term to define an experience.


Why? Aside from marketing pushes, there seems to be demand awareness among people. Detox is understood as necessary. Unfortunately, it is not achieved in the most holistic manner as one-sided approaches avoid the complete picture. 


Let’s consider a ‘Detox Diet’, often consisting of ‘superfoods’ and specific portions. At best, these diets can avoid introducing new toxins to the body. At worst, such diets may be extremely restrictive, resorting to starvation or withholding nutrients required by the body. Recent research, such as A. V. Kein and H. Hiat’s ‘Detox diets for toxin elimination and weight management: A critical review of the evidence’, concludes by stating a lack of compelling evidence to support detox diets. Research by E. Ernst in his paper ‘Alternative detox’ outright dismisses detox as a marketing gimmick and a hoax, stating that “AD (Alternative detox) is a big business.”


In many ways, the term ‘Detox’ is suffering the same challenges as the term ‘Wellness’ and sees further usage as a buzzword, taking it away from what it truly represents. If so, what is true Detox?


As a premier Detox Retreat near Mumbai, the Dharana Wellness Retreat’s Art of Detox programme explores evidence-based methods for cleansing and recovery. This approach examines why detox is necessary, not just partaking in it as a buzzword. The Dharana experts identified that toxins block the absorption of essential nutrients, causing severe sluggishness in metabolism. Such a scenario quickly forms a cycle, where the body now lacks the energy to detox naturally, thus losing out more nutrients. Here is how the Dharana Wellness Retreat teaches you the Art of Detox:

A future-focused, proactive approach to wellness forms a pillar at this Rejuvenation Centre in India. Purely via Non-Invasive measures, the experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat can identify pre-disposition to illnesses, accumulation of toxins, current health, and other risks. This approach provides the data necessary to individualize each wellness programme. Preventative Medicine, thus, defines further steps.

The Dharana Wellness Retreat intends to be a transformative experience in your life. The experts intend to inculcate positive habits, no matter what your duration of stay is. Art of Detox focuses on the Gut. This area is identified as the core of all digestive activities and sees increased vulnerability to toxin accumulation and inflammation. 


The gut is healed via two approaches – Exercise and Diet. During your stay, participation is encouraged in Treks, Pilates, Aerobics, and TRX. The Dharana food philosophy, which focuses on Organic sourcing and slow cooking, provides a meal that is uniquely nutrient-rich. 


A combination of these factors heals and aids the gut and the body as a whole to naturally expel toxins.

  • Approaching Detox Universally

Here is why contemporary detox fails to achieve its promises – Tunnel Vision focus on the body. The Dharana Wellness Retreat’s Art of Detox programme states, “Cleansing is achieved at all the levels of Mind & Body.”


True detox is achieved not only in the gut but mentally too. Dharana Wellness Retreat analyzes Cognitive Stress via Conflict Resolution sessions. This stress is further curbed by way of meditation, clay therapy, shinrin yoku and more.

The Dharana Wellness Retreat aims to provide the very best Holistic Treatment in India. Experience the Art of Detox programme nestled in the Shillim Valley, away from noise and pollution. To reserve your stay, click this link.