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Conserving and Generating Energy with the Dharana Way of Life

Energy, the gears of civilisation

In the past year, Geo-Political scenarios have emphasized how much the world depends on energy. While the push for non-conventional sources of energy is quickly growing, coal-based sources are still seen as a failsafe, something to power through while solar farms and windmills are slowly set up. Such reliance can be devastating to ongoing projects and the overall perception of Sustainable Energy.


As practitioners at one of the best Eco Wellness Retreats in India, we believe, it is important to look at Sustainable Energy from dual lens. Production of energy from a renewable source is the key to a better future. However, sustainable usage ensures the world can actually thrive…


Generating Energy Sustainably

In the paper, ‘What is the global potential for renewable energy?’ by Stanford Professor Dr. Patrick Moriarty and Monash University Professor, Damon Honnery, states that the Global energy consumption in 2008 was about 514 Exajoule. In 2050, considering usual global growth projections, this energy requirement skyrockets to a massive 1000 Exajoule.


The paper further states that the depletion of fossil fuels, problems faced by nuclear energy and the growing concern about climate change will necessitate a shift towards Renewable Sources. 


Using Energy Mindfully

In 2023, the world has already seen a gradual shift towards sustainable and renewable energy. However, this technology still has a long way to go if it is to support the global world. As such, it is necessary to be mindful of how sustainably generated energy is utilized. Is it used frivolously simply because it is generated using the sun? Or will individuals and governments focus on reducing consumption? This factor is the balancing point, determining the future of climate change and daily living.


The Dharana Way of Life

The Shillim Valley sees abundant sunlight. This is one of the reasons why the ecosystems within the forests are so well developed. Sun has allowed trees to grow further, generating more resources not only for the local wildlife but also for the people who call Shillim ‘home.’ The power of the sun is also the backbone of the Dharana Wellness Retreat. 


When constructing one of the finest Rejuvenation Centres in India, emphasis was placed on sustainable practices. This culminated in a 500 KiloWatt Solar Farm on the rooftop of Dharana’s Wellness Spaces, allowing  80% of the retreat’s energy requirements to be fulfilled renewably and sustainably. 


However, this is just one side of the coin. As a premier Wellness Retreat Near Mumbai, the interiors and exteriors are fully equipped with 100% Energy Efficient lighting. The architecture of the Wellness Retreat allows for energy-efficient water pumps. Furthermore, the solar water heating solution completely bypasses any requirement for electricity. 


Thus, the infrastructure at Dharana Wellness Retreat integrates technologies that are climate positive, and sustainable and resonate with the ethos of environmental conservation. A heavy focus on tapping into the goodness of Solar energy that is clean and abundant makes a Wellness Getaway at Dharana a truly Carbon-neutral experience. Book your stay at Dharana using this link.