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A Happier You – Why you need a Wellness Escape

Consider your routine and the true impact it has on yourself. In an urban setting, pursuits and other goals take priority. The typical individual struggles to wake up, and eats a half-hearted meal while preparing for a long commute to their workplace, only to return home late and go to bed riddled with stress. 


This routine obviously leaves no time for health and wellness, no matter how much one desires to engage in it. The unhealthy routine eventually snowballs into further complications, both physical and mental. Another major impact is seen in the ties that bind – an individual’s interpersonal relationship with family and loved ones.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be planning something special. The experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat recommend giving the gift of wellness, an escape from the tiring urban routine. A getaway that will wrap you and your loved one in the lap of nature, help you unwind and enjoy the best version of yourselves, the Dharana Wellness Escape programme! Here are some factors to consider – 


The Dharana Retreat is one of the premier Eco Wellness Retreats in India. A major part of the Wellness Experience is not just being in nature, but being away from Urban Settings. Beyond the drab grey buildings, simply being in a city makes one want to work and ‘hustle’ instead of taking time for themselves and each other. 


Research by London’s Centre of Urban Design and Mental Health reports a 40% higher risk of Depression and 20% higher rates of Anxiety when Urban living is compared to rural living. 


A getaway at the Dharana Holistic Retreat near Mumbai is the best way to destress. Firstly, you are away from the usual responsibilities. There are no urgent emails and phones, nor figuring out what to have for dinner, a complete digital detox. 


You and your loved one can experience cycling in the beautiful Shillim Valley, a guided clay therapy session, trekking to the top of Shillim Peaks and so much more. After a rejuvenating day, an organic, wellness-focused dinner is ready to be served!


The Wellness Escape programme at the Dharana Wellness Retreat is one of the best and most luxurious Healing Holidays in India. Each corner of the retreat is designed keeping nature in mind. Interiors and Exteriors are crafted with aesthetics and minimal impact on nature. 


The pinnacle of this ideology is the Presidential Villa, equipped with 3 bedrooms, a private pool and a deck with sweeping views, the villa has everything you need for your journey into Wellness. 


While you are in Shillim, you are surrounded by serene peaks and forests. The fresh air along with the slower pace serves as a beautiful backdrop not only for rekindling your connection with each other, but for adopting a completely transformational view of life, together. Book the Wellness Escape programme at the Dharana Holistic Retreat Near Mumbai, click this link to book.