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Enigma of Weight – Unhealthy vs Sustainable

New Year brings in New Resolutions, possibly thee most common one is the following – “Lose Weight”. Individuals across cultures have given weight loss prime importance, tying it to self-perception and satisfaction. However, a question goes unanswered – “What Weight Loss is Good?”


The definition of weight loss changes from person to person. Some may be satisfied with a positive change in physical appearance, while others may be aiming for a complete transformation. There seems to be a certain disagreement within the scientific community as well regarding good Weight Loss and its subsequent maintenance.

Rena R Wing and James O Hill’s paper, ‘Successful Weight Loss Maintenance’ defines successful weight loss maintenance as an intentional loss of at least 10% of initial body weight and maintaining it for a year. On the other hand, J Stevens, K P Truesdale, J E McClain, and J Cai’s paper, ‘The Definition of Weight Maintenance’, defines weight change of less than 3% of initial body weight as appropriate.


Overall, good Weight Loss lies on a continuum, from extreme and unhealthy measures to genuine sustainable efforts. It is different from case to case. At the Dharana Wellness Retreat, the experts, via the Sustainable Weight Management Wellness Programme, focus on Sustainable Weight Loss Strategies to reach a healthy number. These strategies reject extreme and unhealthy measures, focusing on habit formation and maintenance. Here are some ways in which the Dharana Wellness Retreat counters myths and misconceptions regarding Weight – 


Unhealthy Weight Loss Technique 1 – Starving

Starving, on paper, seems like an excellent idea. Weight and Fat increase due to excess Calories. Cutting down on calorie consumption will force the body to consume and burn calories already present as fat. 


Unfortunately, starvation not only does not work but can welcome many health-related complications. This also leads to Psychological Conditions such as Anorexia Nervosa, which makes an individual aggressively avoid eating altogether.


Sustainable Weight Management Solution – Organic, Healthy Eating

A pillar of the Dharana Wellness Retreat is the unique food philosophy focusing on Organic Sourcing and Slow Cooking. Produce grown in the absence of chemicals is more nutrient-rich and does not introduce toxins to the body. Additionally, slow cooking further preserves these nutrients, ensuring the body received all the necessary nutrients and calories required to undertake further Weight Loss Activities.


Unhealthy Weight Loss Technique 2 – Over-Exercising

Anything in Excess proves to be detrimental. In this case, it is exercise. A misguided understanding of calorie burn encourages many to indulge in long sessions of strenuous exercise. This, overall, does not work due to one key factor – Unsustainability.


Such a pattern is difficult to keep up with and increases the chance of muscle pull and other physical ailments. Most importantly, the difficulty and strain generated tend to be heavily discouraging. 


Sustainable Weight Management Solution – Balanced Physical Activity

During your stay, the experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat suggest a balance of varied activities that strengthen the body and assist in Calorie Burn. These activities range from Thermal Walks, Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, and TRX to a refreshing trek to Shillim Peaks. Partaking in these activities helps form a routine and habit, ensuring balanced physical activity is maintained. 


Unhealthy Weight Loss Technique 3 – Pills and Procedures

Possibly the most harmful method of weight loss – undergoing medical intervention unless deemed important. This fails to address the cause of Weight gain and the lifestyle that may cause it. 


Sustainable Weight Management Solution – Ayurvedic Approaches

Dharana Wellness Retreat’s programme is aligned with Ayurvedic Teachings. According to Ayurveda, the route to sustainable weight management lies in expelling Ama (toxins) using Ayurveda Shodhana procedures. Rooksshana and Poorvakarma therapies further enhance circulation within the body and assist in dislodging toxins. Finally, the procedure of Pradhana Karma eliminates toxins, corrects metabolic imbalances, and begins the natural weight loss process.


The Sustainable Weight Management at the Dharana Wellness Retreat can help you reach your weight-related goals in 2023. To book, click this link.