Dimensions of Wellbeing

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

We usually misinterpret the term wellbeing with good physical health. A healthy body is a must for healthy living, but it is not enough. If an individual is not healthy from within, then good physical health is of no use. It is pertinent to have symmetry for physical and mental health in your routine. Wellbeing is a state of mind that contributes to manners and style of living. It prominently emphasizes the core of developing a pattern suitable for one. If we talk about the quotients to form adequate wellbeing, then we need bits of each element. Wellbeing is a holistic approach that comprises dimensions from social to spiritual, in addition to physical and mental.


There are various dimensions of wellbeing, however, it is up to an individual to incorporate certain in their practice. Before knowing more about dimensions lets shed a light on why it is a vital thing. In today’s uncertain times, it is an onerous task to maintain the tranquility of the mind. Wellbeing leads us towards a more worthwhile and satisfying life. In a journey to find wellbeing for your daily routine, you will gradually enrich your entire life. 


Following are the dimensions –


Intellectual Wellbeing

Do you know that there are about one hundred billion neurons in the human brain? And if you want to keep them in motion, then you need to provide them with the appropriate assistance. It is necessary to keep your brain busy with various creative expressions. To keep your brain positively active at all times, try to learn new things and avoid pessimistic attitude.


Spiritual Wellbeing

Nourish your soul to the fullest. To find your own ikigai, you need to spend time with yourself. Contemplate the purpose of your existence and this can be achieved by adopting certain activities in our life like meditation, yoga, therapy and self-reflection. Spiritual well being is nothing but the quest of inner peace and tranquility. 


Vocational Wellbeing

An aimless life is as useful as land for fish. There should be a purpose that can enrich your life and can add a value to each day. Develop ideas that can positively affect the lives of you and others. The purpose does not need to be grand or long-term, rather it should be considered meaningful.


Social Wellbeing

Be Connected to the world outside to find one within. When you nurture healthy relationships with others, simultaneously, you are creating a healthy support system for life. Contributing your share to society keeps you grounded and keeps a sanguine aura around you. 


Emotional Wellbeing

 To control your emotions these days is like having a superpower. Rapidly changing circumstances can affect our everyday decisions. But the way to keep it going smoothly is expressing what you are feeling inside. Communication is a key for  maintaining a healthy life. This is the aspect that is influenced by many other factors. To be in a moment and live fully puts emotional wellbeing on a healthy chart.  


Physical Wellbeing

Physical well-being is developing the habit of providing nutritional value to the body. It encompasses elements like activity and good diet. Some foundational values to remember are: Don’t skip meals, avoid intake of baleful substances, try to inculcate an exercise in your routine, healthy sleep schedule and holy advice- do not forget water. It will help to add some quality years to your life.

To have a balanced wellbeing is nearly not possible, but with the help of the right direction you can get to it. To have wellbeing is not a destination but a persistent process that will continue until the end. 


Dharana Wellness Centre, a wellness retreat near Mumbai, focuses on holistic health which includes physical, mental and spiritual balance. One of the key ideologies of this eco wellness retreat lies in the holistic approach. As an Ayurvedic healing center in India, Dharana combines the use of an integrative, modern approach for holistic health with Modern diagnostics with traditional practices like Yoga and Ayurveda to ensure a sustainable wellness journey.