Living Fast and Slow – Comparing Urban with Rural

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Your life in the city affects you more than you may realize. Although cities offer countless opportunities, it comes at a cost. Living in a city can turn into a mere existence, where every day is spent rushing from one place to the next. Unfortunately, the modern-day trend of constant ‘hustling’ only exacerbates this issue. Such a lifestyle leaves no room for personal growth or relaxation, leading to exhaustion and burnout. 


Moreover, urban populations tend to suffer from social isolation and individualism, according to a paper by Psychologist Laura D. Kubzansky on Urbanization and Mental Health. The fast-paced and densely populated environment in cities limits opportunities for social connections and often leads to mental ailments due to the loss of traditional social networks and the difficulties in forming new ones.


Experts from the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India, suggest a radical departure from a routine that burns you out, fatigues you, and leaves you in imbalance. A complete antithesis to Urban Living: Life within a community in a Village.


Beyond the tertiary benefits of fresher air, greener scenery, and healthier diets, life in the village can truly rejuvenate and refresh you, helping you reconnect with yourself, emotionally and spiritually. A big aspect of this is the community. Each individual contributes to and supports the village, helping in smooth functioning and success. Interestingly, the positive aspect of immersion in the community sees support from scientific research. 


Psychologists Ed Diener, Martin E. P. Seligman, and Carol Diener state that “Smaller communities have more social capital than larger ones. People in small communities are more likely to know and trust one another, and to work together for common purposes. This results in higher levels of social support, greater civic engagement, and more efficient use of resources.” The psychological benefits were further highlighted by Xiang Liu and colleagues in their paper Mental Health Status and Associated Factors Among Adults in Rural China, stating “Living in a rural area was associated with a lower prevalence of anxiety, depression and a higher level of social support. The study suggests that the close-knit social networks of rural communities may play a protective role in maintaining mental health.”


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