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Dharana’s Kohinoor: Celebrating the Shillim Forest This International Day of Forests

In the heart of the Shillim Forest, Dharana wellness retreat stands as a testament to the spiritual connection between nature and wellness. The natural healing and restorative energy of the forest, mixed with the luxurious yet sustainable design of the retreat is what makes Dharana one of India’s premier wellness retreats.


International Day of Forests, observed on March 21st, serves as a global platform to raise awareness about the importance of forests in sustaining life on Earth. Forests play a vital role in mitigating climate change, providing habitats for diverse species, and supporting the livelihoods of millions. The need for forest conservation is a pressing issue as deforestation, driven by urbanization, agriculture, and logging, poses a severe threat to the future of our planet.


The theme for the 2024 Day of Forests is ‘Forests and Innovation- New Solutions for a Better World’ and it focuses on using the forests in a sustainable way to provide unique solutions for environmental issues. Educating people on these innovative methods is a massive effort to protect forests worldwide.


Nestled in the Western Ghats between Mumbai and Pune, the Shillim Forest is a haven of natural wonders. Guarding it, is the Shillim Institute, an NGO and educational facility dedicated to conservation, sustainable development, and healing. 


The institute and Dharana at Shillim have an intertwined history starting from the same source. A pair of brothers, William and Denzil invested in 2000 acres of forest land to help conserve the eco hot-spot and were followed by Radha Veach, who set up the entire forest seed gathering and planting program. Many hard years later, his efforts were rewarded as over 100,000 native trees grew on previously barren land. Through their tireless efforts, the Shillim Institute currently protects over 179 species of plants and 213 species of animals including birds, insects, reptiles, and butterflies. They also focus on other conservation methods such as tree planting for strengthening biodiversity, local seed dispersal for vegetation management and employment of local people as forest guards.


Dharana at Shillim understands the natural healing energy that the forest provides and the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of reconnecting with nature. By integrating wellness activities with the Shillim forest, Dharana strengthens your bond with nature as you reset your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.


  1. Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku): 

This Japanese practice involves surrounding oneself with the sights, sounds, scents, and touch of the forest to promote mental and physical wellbeing. It acts as a bridge between us and nature and helps us reconnect with nature and ourselves. Find relaxation by taking a pause and spending time with nature.


  1. Nature Walks and Treks: 

Explore the secret beauty of the Shillim Forest through guided nature walks and treks like the Shillim Conservation Walk or the Shillim Forest Walk. Trained naturalists lead guests while sharing insights into the flora and fauna, while you enjoy the invigorating and rejuvenating trek.


  1. Yoga Amidst Nature: 

Dharana provides an opportunity for yoga enthusiasts to practise amidst the serenity of the forest. Through our newly launched Shillim Love Stories package and the Family Escape at Dharana Shillim package you and your loved ones can partake in rejuvenating sunrise yoga which creates a serene backdrop for mindful movement and meditation.


  1. Bird Watching: 

Animal lovers can find relaxation by partaking in bird watching with an avian specialist, and discovering the flourishing biodiversity that fills the forest.


Dharana’s crowning jewel—the Shillim Forest provides a connection between nature and wellbeing. This International Day of Forests, Dharana at Shillim and the Shillim Institute do their part in spreading their joint motto – Conserve.Sustain.Heal.


Begin your wellness journey and heal in the quaint Shillim Forest at Dharana!