Make Sleeping Easy in 2024: Dharana’s Solution to improve the quality of your sleep

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

In our modern fast-paced world, getting quality sleep has become an elusive commodity. Our natural sleep patterns have been disrupted by unhealthy choices, leading to a rise in sleep disorders and poor sleep quality. 


All studies show that the increase in disrupted sleep is related to unhealthy lifestyle habits normalized in the modern day. This causes irregular sleep cycles, REM-less sleep, and difficulty in falling asleep and waking up. The main factors in poor sleep are stress, anxiety, increased exposure to screens and mental stimuli, and unhealthy practices like drinking, smoking, or watching TV before bed. 


People’s solutions for these sleep issues are as unhealthy as the problems themselves. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, the sale of melatonin as a sleeping aid increased by 42% in 2020,  further proving this.


While there are many simple and holistic solutions for quality sleep, here are a few effective activities you should try:

  • Meditation: Stress being the biggest sleep killer, trying simple healing meditation and breathing exercises can help you unwind, destress and recentre your mental balance. Relaxing Iyengar yoga is perfect to induce stress free sleep.
  • Regular exercise: Expert studies suggest exercising 4 times a week can massively improve sleep. While exercise is often rejuvenating, the right amount at the right time can work as a sleep aid by moderately tiring the body and distracting the mind. Non-exhaustive treks or walks in the fresh air and surrounded by nature is a great source of exercise. 
  • Calming Drinks: A variety of calming teas like chamomile tea can help with developing sleep patterns and unwinding so that you can achieve better sleep. Dharana’s Tea House offers a variety of calming and relaxing teas which can help with quality sleep.
  • Disconnect before bed: Reduce your blue light exposure and train your mind to fall asleep without any mental stimuli. Switch off your phone, TV or laptop and spend 30-60 minutes free of distractions. 


With wellness and sleep so deeply connected, Dharana at Shillim offers an easy start to your wellness journey with the Essence of Wellbeing Programme. This programme looks at your wellbeing holistically and covers all aspects of wellness including diet, exercise and mental health. The wellness retreat helps inculcate habits that boost your wellbeing to achieve quality sleep easily.


Through the programme, stay in your luxurious private villa which sustainably blends nature and five star amenities to provide you unmatched comfort while you indulge in delicious organically-sourced dishes that promote your gut health at the Green Table.  Your journey begins with a Body Composition Analysis(BCA) for our wellness experts to curate personalised activities just for you. 


Enjoy the healing benefits from Dharana wellness retreat’s iconic holistic activities and make unforgettable memories. Participate in group activities like daily therapeutic yoga and guided meditation sessions, while learning how to cook and eat healthy with a Cooking Class focused on using sustainable foods led by the head chef. Allow the natural rhythms of the lushious Shillim Forest to relax and rejuvenate you through simple activities like Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing), Bird Watching, Forest Walks or a Trek to the picturesque Shillim Peak.


Quality sleep helps maintain a positive mood and emotional well-being. Achieve better sleep at a five star retreat near Mumbai, through holistic techniques and sleep stress-free through Dharana!