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A Holistic Approach to Women’s Health and Wellness

“Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.”

– Michelle Obama


International Women’s Day is a celebration of the incredible achievements made by women and stands as a reminder of the ongoing battle for gender equality. It spreads the idea of a society free from gender bias and gender norms where women are seen as equals and receive the recognition they deserve. 


Recognizing the critical link between health and overall well-being is vital to addressing the persistent gender inequalities within healthcare. Women often face unique health challenges due to biological, hereditary, and societal factors. This is further compounded by a lack of awareness and accessibility to proper healthcare, hindering their overall success and wellbeing.


Fortunately, Dharana, a luxury wellness retreat in India, aims to empower women by addressing these very concerns. Through their comprehensive approach, Dharana offers activities specifically tailored to address a wide range of women’s health challenges. By following the Dharana Way of Life, women can create a personalized Dincharaya (daily routine) and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic wellness.

Common health challenges for women and Dharana’s holistic solutions:


  1. Reproductive health 

Reproductive health requires tailored solutions to prevent complications related to pregnancy and maternal care. March’s National Endometriosis Awareness Month showcases a commonly overlooked issue, highlighting the need for greater awareness. Dharana’s Art of Detox Programme rids the body of harmful toxins through holistic practices and provides a sustainably sourced diet which balances hormones. A healthy routine will help manage issues like PCOD, irregular periods and other related issues.


  1. Weight Management 

Weight affects physical health and mental wellbeing. Effective weight management can only be through personalised treatment considering body types and lifestyle factors. Dharana at Shillim’s Sustainable Weight Management Programme provides an individualised diet, preventive techniques like moxibustion, and wellness rituals to holistically manage weight. 


  1. Heart Health 

Heart disease is one of the biggest health issues women face. It can easily be managed through simple holistic practices involving exercise and diet. Through the Healing Holiday Programme you can focus on improving your heart health with wellness rituals like Udwarthanam and Choorna Swedam to help with circulation therapeutic sweating. Partake in light-hearted exercise like a Trek to the picturesque Shillim Peak and a heart-healthy diet based on your doshas.


  1. Mental Health 

Women’s mental wellbeing is constantly at risk due to societal expectations, career pressures, family responsibilities and safety concerns. Through Dharana’s MINBOS Programme you can develop healthy sleeping practices and learn how to manage daily stress in a healthy way. Beyond just wellness talks, Dharana offers holistic calming rituals like Shirodhara and Destress Therapies help you find mental balance while enjoying the healing benefits of wellness activities like a Sustainable Cooking Class and Pranayama meditation.


This international Women’s Day, plan a trip to Dharana Shillim to focus on your wellbeing in a healing environment at a five star wellness resort. Enjoy unmatched luxury at Dharana!