Changing Your Lifestyle to the Tune of Nature: Embracing Winter Wellness and Serene Spring at Dharana

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

For thousands of years, man has lived harmoniously with their natural surroundings. What you are seeing, hearing, and experiencing at any moment is changing not only your mood but how your bodily systems are working. Regardless of age or culture, humans find nature pleasing.


The crisp air,  serene landscapes, and the gentle chill on the Sahyadri mountainside offer a backdrop for an extraordinary transformative experience. As the weather around the Western Ghats transforms from winter’s chilly embrace into the warmth of spring, Dharana at Shillim invites you to restart your transformative journey alongside nature.


Resetting is an essential aspect of wellness, it’s a chance to recharge and realign your wellness goals with the transformative energy of the seasons change. Whether it’s through mindful practices or simply reconnecting with nature, a reset helps  destress and distract from daily life. One can prioritize self-care,  and focus on their mental, emotional, and physical well being.


Dharana, one of the best luxury wellness retreats in India, offers sustainable luxury stays as you open your windows to birdsongs, sunlight, and a healthy AQI(Air Quality Index). Planning a visit to our wellness retreat during the seasonal transition offers the perfect balance between the cool temperatures of the fleeting winter and much welcomed warmth of spring on the mountainside. Reserve your stay and begin your transformational journey where your wellness can bloom like spring with our favourable Healing Holiday Programme at Dharana Shillim. Enjoy a customizable wellness experience right from preventive medicine to nutritional philosophies and spiritual wellbeing.


As winter gently gives way to spring, there’s a unique opportunity to kickstart the season feeling healthy and revitalized. Dharana Shillim’s Essence of Wellbeing  Programme , is carefully crafted to help individuals enhance their overall wellbeing in a non-exhaustive and simple way. The programme begins with a BCA (body composition analysis) that helps the wellness experts create a specialised Dincharya (daily routine) suited to your goals and limitations. While unwinding in the incredible luxury that Dharana has to offer, enjoy the holistic benefits of 

enriching experiences that will boost your wellbeing.


Nature lovers can enjoy the beauty of the Shillim forest with a variety of forest walks and treks like the Conservation walk or trek to Shillim Peak for invigorating rejuvenation. You can also partake in relaxing activities like bird watching, Shirin Yoku, or sunrise yoga and feel the calming, healing energy of the Shillim Valley and admire nature at its peak.


Find balance through soothing holistic activities like Tibetan Bowl Meditation, Deep Tissue Massage, or Vanaushadi at the incredible Dharana spa as you get pampered from head to toe. You can also explore your creative side and learn more about Dharana’s sustainable Food Philosophy with a cooking session or ground yourself with creative clay therapy and make a memento of your time at Dharana


Reset and heal at a wellness resort near Mumbai and Pune where you can bond in with nature while experiencing pristine luxury. Change your lifestyle to the tune of nature and prepare to reset, rejuvenate, and renew at the Dharana Wellness Retreat!