Why is Having a Daily Routine Important for Wellness?

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

Do you know the simplest way to restart living a healthy lifestyle? Creating an all-encompassing daily routine! The significance of a well-structured routine extends far beyond mere time management—it is a fundamental pillar of overall wellness. 


As February is Cancer Prevention Month, we take a moment to acknowledge a crucial message—our daily habits play a pivotal role in reducing the risk of preventable cancers. From February 19-25, 2024, this international campaign emphasizes a simple yet transformative mantra: Move More. 


One of India’s premier wellness retreats, Dharana at Shillim has a proactive approach to wellness, which can reduce the risk of preventable cancers by helping you reset your focus to wellness. Dharana intertwines the ‘Move More ‘ message with its fundamental pillar of incorporating physical exercise into an individual’s daily routine.


Research consistently highlights the protective effects of physical activity against certain types of cancer. Regular exercise not only contributes to weight management but also has direct physiological benefits, including improved immune function and hormone regulation. By incorporating moderate physical activities into healthy daily routines, Dharana tries to create a shield against the development of cancer.


Keeping daily routines can be difficult but Dharana helps reset an individual on their wellness journey by providing guidance from trained wellness experts on how to consistently improve their well being. A spiritual and mental reset is the first step as true change can only come from within. Then, slowly but surely the body follows and adapts to the health focused routine. As individuals start feeling the benefits of their reset they are motivated to stick to a routine focused on healthy choices.


Dharana Wellness Retreat, found in the picturesque Shillim Valley, is the ideal destination for embracing an active lifestyle. The lush natural surroundings and curated activities encourage guests to exercise while connecting with nature like never before. 


  1. Hiking and Trekking :

 Explore the lush trails of Shillim through guided hikes and treks. Forest lovers can enjoy a Conservation Walk while others can enjoy a rejuvenating Trek to the Shillim Peak. The varying terrains offer not only a physical challenge but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the serene beauty of the landscape.


  1. Aqua Aerobics :

Dive into the refreshing pool for aqua aerobics sessions. The water reduces the impact on joints while providing an effective workout through natural resistance and strengthening muscles. It is also an easy way to improve cardiovascular health without breaking a sweat making it an ideal activity for guests of all fitness levels.


  1. Bicycle Trails : 

Pedal through the scenic bicycle trails while breathing in the crisp mountain air. Cycling not only enhances cardiovascular health and allows guests to enjoy invigorating fitness at their own pace.


  1. Sunrise Yoga : 

Enjoy the meditative tranquillity of sunrise yoga in the heart of the Shillim Valley. The gentle movements and calming breathwork create a holistic experience that helps bring wellness to the mind as well as the body. It is also a very relaxing way of incorporating physical exercise into your routine and helps increase flexibility.


Beyond just physical wellness, Dharana helps guests to craft a wellness routine. From mindful nutrition to therapeutic spa treatments, the wellness retreat offers a holistic approach to wellbeing. As Cancer Prevention Month inspires individuals to adopt daily habits for healthier living, Dharana provides a luxurious getaway where healthy habits can seamlessly become a way of life.