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5 Holistic Practices for a Healthy Heart: Tackling Heart Failure Through Dharana at Shillim

The heart is one of, if not the most important organ in relation to a person’s wellness. The cornerstone for your overall wellbeing is having a healthy heart by prioritizing your cardiovascular health. This Heart Failure Awareness Week, Dharana at Shillim highlights the importance of prioritizing heart health through simple holistic practices that will lead to a healthier and happier life.


While heart failure is a serious issue, most people don’t acknowledge its severity until it directly affects them. The leading cause for the increase in heart failure in recent times is unhealthy lifestyle choices. More people partake in unhealthy habits like poor diet, alcohol consumption, no physical exercise and increased stress. That’s why Heart Failure Awareness Week acts as a vital initiative to raise awareness about a condition that affects millions worldwide and encourage individuals to understand the risk factors, symptoms, and preventive measures associated with heart failure.


A healthy heart is easily achievable by following the Dharana Way of Life. Surrounded by the natural healing power of the Shillim Valley, Dharana provides a transformational experience using a mix  of preventive medicine, exercise, healthy dieting, stress management and spiritual wellbeing that helps individuals adopt healthy practices in their daily routines to boost heart health.


Dharana’s luxurious accommodations and facilities provide the ideal location for bonding. Bonding and heart health actually have a deeper connection, according to a study conducted by the American College of Cardiology, loneliness increased the risk of hospitalisation or death from heart failure by 15% to 20%. While focusing on achieving heart health, fill your soul with magical moments that strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. Having a transformational experience at Dharana will help guide you towards a healthy heart and provide you quality time to reconnect with your partner.


Here are 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy at the best healing retreat near Mumbai:


  1. Mindful Nutrition: 

A heart-healthy diet is fundamental to cardiovascular wellbeing. Your wellness journey at Dharana begins with a nutritional questionnaire that helps wellness experts craft a customised diet plan depending on your health needs. Dharana’s food philosophy focuses on embracing a diet using locally sourced organic ingredients while removing processed foods and saturated fats. 


  1. Regular Exercise:

Dharana’s exercise physiology focuses on participating in simple, relaxing, and non-exertive activities that will boost cardiovascular fitness. A wide range of such activities are available like the Shillim Conservation Walk, Cycling, Trekking to the Shillim Peak, and various types of yoga like Pranayama, Vinyasa Yoga, or Hatha Yoga. Dharana’s serene surroundings offer the perfect backdrop for integrating exercise into your daily routine with the tranquillity of nature.


  1. Stress Management: 

Chronic stress can negatively impact heart health. Learning effective ways of relaxing one’s mind and managing stress is a key pillar at Dharana. An individual’s DiSC® profile helps Dharana’s wellness experts prescribe meditation and stress management activities that provide emotional balance for good heart health.


  1. Getting Adequate Sleep:

Creating a bedtime routine and managing a sleep schedule is important for your heart health. Irregular sleeping patterns and a lack of quality sleep lead to a higher chance of heart failure and cardiovascular issues. Dharana conducts a polysomnography which provides insights into sleep habits and wellness experts guide individuals on incorporating healthy sleep practices into their daily routine. Dharana also provides an environment that promotes peaceful sleep, with comfortable accommodations and the soothing sounds of nature to lull you into a restorative sleep.


  1. Maintaining Good Habits:

While integrating all the above points into your daily routine will help achieve good heart health, certain bad habits which are normalised in today’s society will hinder your progress. Minimising the amount of alcohol you drink and completely cutting out smoking is effective in reducing the risk of heart failure.


Prioritize your heart health at one of the best wellness retreats in India and achieve your wellness goals with Dharana at Shillim. Let Heart Failure Awareness Week be a catalyst for positive lifestyle changes and begin your wellness journey now!