Dharana Food Philosophy

Our food philosophy has its firm roots in age old Ayurveda traditions: Dharana Cuisine includes all the elements achieved by modern food research and is inspired by lessons learned from nutritional philosophies from across the globe.The menus are inspired by fresh, seasonal produce and the slow cooking technique stresses on preserving the natural flavours of […]

Nutritional psychiatry: The science behind food and mood

To come and think about how the brain works and is always “on” 24*7 even when you are asleep is ineffable.

World Diabetes Day: Significance, Foods to eat, and tips to manage diabetes

Diabetes is an irreversible medical condition that elevates the glucose

This World Food Day understand the Significance, and how one can contribute

Since the pandemic hit us, it has made us pause, relook, re-think

An Ayurvedic Approach to eating food

Ayurveda is one of the oldest, holistic healthcare methods. For centuries, it was and still

Tips to store your food during monsoons

One of the effects of the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown resulted

5 must-have foods during monsoons

Monsoons are here in all their glory, however the season comes with

Monsoon Diet: 5 foods to to avoid

Each season comes with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Natural Foods that act as antidepressants

The gut-brain axis is described as a bidirectional link between our Central Nervous System

COVID-19: Food Habits that Weaken Immunity

Keeping our immunity up is one of the most important things we can do

Fighting Type 2 Diabetes with The Help of Food

According to the World Health Organisation, there has been a significant rise in Diabetes since 1980. While Type 1 Diabetes is attributed to

Managing Your Anxiety with the right food

When overall wellness is discussed, physical health is an obvious parameter to gauge well-being. However, physical health cannot be looked at in