Age Better, Live Happier: A Shift in Perspectives

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

“Negative perception towards ageing behaves as a very reliable predictor for the onset and persistence of Depression and Anxiety”

‘Aislinné Theresa Freeman and colleagues in ‘Findings from a prospective analysis of the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA)’


Ageing and growing old is a consistent factor of the human experience. Age, initially, used to be associated with wisdom. But changing cultures have quickly brought forth anti-ageing attitudes, the most common of which involves stereotyping the old as slow and senile. Perhaps, this is also why many may fear ageing. In an increasingly urban and fast-moving society, being slow is the last thing anyone wants. 


Another side of the coin is a fear of losing the ability to do the things you could’ve done easily. For some, it may be looking their very best. For others, it might be a certain level of physical prowess. Stereotyped attitudes can cloud judgement, forming a mental set of how the old are. 


 “Given its huge potential financial benefits, anti-ageing science has tremendous commercial opportunities.”

João Pedro De Magalhães and colleagues in ‘The Business of Anti-Aging Science’


Fearing ageing and its perceived negative effects may entice an individual to try out various outlandish methods in curbing it. The research paper quoted above identified more than 4600 Biotech companies in the United States, formed with the express purpose of stopping ageing in its tracks. These specifically communicate and reach out to people who are afraid of ‘looking the age’, thus bringing them closer to unhealthy habits and behaviours. haphazard changes in diets and unknown beauty creams rule this space, promising anti-ageing.


The harsh truth is, ageing is something each individual must come to terms with. However, how one ages is in their hands. The experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat recommend a wholly transformational and perspective-shifting approach to age as a whole with the Dharana EGA-AGE Programme. 


The approach here is of measuring Chronological Age and matching it against Metabolic Age. The experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat measure this with a variety of non-invasive methods and devices. The data generated further helps identify the best path toward optimized cell vitality,  tissue repair, and immune enhancement. As a Holistic Healing Retreat, the EGA-AGE programme tackles the detrimental effects of a degenerative lifestyle, something that might be contributing to accelerated ageing.


While ageing cannot be stopped, the negative impacts of old age can most certainly be curbed and reduced. Dharana at Shillim offers one of the finest Ayurveda Panchakarma in India, an aspect of which is present within the programme. Ayurvedic Rasayana is an integral aspect of the experience, specifically, Kaamya Rasayana to promote longevity and Naimittika Rasayana to comprehend imbalances.


Prepare to have your attitudes and outlook towards ageing change at one of the best Holistic Programmes near Mumbai, the EGA-AGE programme by the Dharana Wellness Retreat. Experience this journey in the lap of nature and luxury. To book, click this link.