Motivation for Regular Exercise – Endurance!

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

Starting an exercise routine is an exciting endeavour! 

Exercising takes charge of your physical fitness and is an essential aspect of habit formation and maintenance. The initial few days are a rush of motivation and energy! However, beginners may fall prey to a common mistake – Diving into high-intensity exercises too quickly.


While an intense cardio session or pushing yourself beyond limits may be tempting and motivating, it’s important to recognize that your body may not be ready to handle the stress it’s placed under. Attempting to push yourself when you’re not properly prepared can lead to a real risk of injury, overexertion, and poor health. Even if you manage to push through an extra 10-20 minutes of intense HIIT, it’s possible that your exercise routine will be disrupted and your initial motivation will wane.


According to the experts at the Dharana Retreat in India, Endurance training is of prime importance in any workout schedule!


Endurance refers to your body’s capacity to exert and maintain physical activity for longer durations, while also being able to resist and recover from fatigue more quickly. It is the ability to sustain prolonged periods of activity without feeling overly fatigued or drained. This is a prized factor by athletes with their success depending on being able to physically outdo themselves. 


However, Endurance training can also easily fit into an existing exercise routine or a busy schedule. According to a Researcher in Exercise Physiology, Stephen Steiler, success in endurance training rests on the balance between training intensity, duration, and frequency while keeping in mind that performance is maximized and negative outcomes are minimized.


Introducing Endurance to your workout routine has many enticing benefits! 

The research article ‘Endurance exercise and resistance training in cardiovascular disease‘ authored by Nega Meka and colleagues suggests that endurance exercise enhances stamina by boosting the heart’s ability to circulate oxygen-rich blood. In their study ‘Endurance training and VO2max,’ Joyner and Coyle found that improved endurance is linked to increased oxygen delivery to the muscles, leading to better performance.


Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai serves as the best place to begin Endurance training! The Dharana Endurance Wellness Programme is fine-tuned to assist athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone willing to exercise better. The objective is to assess your existing endurance level and adopt comprehensive methods to enhance and maintain it. Improved muscle tone, joint flexibility, and posture are just the starting point!


The Dharana Endurance Retreat combines DNA Analysis, a personalized and Ayurvedic diet plan, and an exercise routine suited to your goals, providing the best path forward to enhanced endurance and thus the ability and Motivation for Regular Exercise. Experience this at one of the Best Wellness Centres in India. To book, click this link.