Inner Awareness Through Yoga

Dharana brings to you a yoga retreat with Prasad Rangnekar (Yoga Prasad Institute) on Sept 1st and 2nd at Hilton Shillim

A gentle immersion into yourself

Yogaprasad Institute promotes Yoga as a science of accepting, transforming and evolving towards our true nature which is Love, Freedom and Bliss.

Dharana distills healing of the whole person through yoga, and other forms of meditation, where holistic well-being and healing are integrated.

Known as the ‘teacher of teachers’, Prasad is a much sought after Yoga educator and transformation guide around the world.

Prasad has been guiding people through empowering methods of yoga for last 23 years in over 15 countries.

As a speaker on mind and life management, Prasad is regularly invited by Indian Embassies, European Commission, Yoga Conventions, Schools, Corporate and Charity organisations around the world.

Prasad believes that Yoga is much more than poses and stretches, Yoga is a science of self-empowerment that can be practiced by everyone beyond age, gender, race and religion. His dynamic, clear and humorous teaching style makes the nuances of Yoga easily accessible. Prasad believes that practicing Yoga in its holistic sense brings us to a lasting state of inner peace, which we all are knowingly or unknowingly seeking. His talks and workshops have brought health and happiness in the lives of thousands of people around the world.

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