Is Farm to Table Philosophy here to stay?

It is very commonly said that “You are what you eat.” Our bodily constitution and mental atmosphere are determined according to what we

How To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Cooking Routine

Consider your current relationship with food and cooking. Do you see it as a means to an end

Enigma of Weight – Unhealthy vs Sustainable

New Year brings in New Resolutions, possibly the most common one is the following – “Lose Weight”.

Better Mental Health via Healthy Eating

Food is an innately satisfying and personal factor. Cultures and families form over food. Social and Political situations depend upon food.

Exploring Detox – The What, Why, and How

Detox in the current era has reached a ‘buzzword’ status. In a typical store, one can expect many products touting to cleanse and rid the body of accumulated toxins.

Improving immunity and preventing ageing with the Dharana Way of Life

We all want to feel healthy and well, and would prefer to avoid illness

Managing Diabetes with the Dharana Way of Life

Did you know that nearly 11% of the world’s population is dealing with diabetes?

Dinacharya for a Kapha Body Type

People predominantly with Kapha dosha body type are inactive,

Dinacharya for Vata Body Type

People with a Vata predominant dosha are extremely natural, intuitive

What is a Naturopathy Diet?

The Naturopathy Diet has been renowned since Vedic era for treating ailments and diseases. It has a medicinal role to play due to its nurturing, purifying and eliminative attributes.

Is a Paleo Diet beneficial for your body?

The Paleo diet has been around for several decades, but lately has been

Bloating: Why is it happening?

Oftentimes we feel a bit too full after meals. The uneasy, tight feeling in